Thursday, January 1, 2015


One Year
Around 84.000 words
Four books written
Over eight hundred texts 
Two NaNoWriMo’s won
222 books read
Three books edited
Countless photos taken
My fear of phones mostly overcome
I began to laugh at myself more
I made some amazing friends
No bones broken
A math book finished

This was one amazing year
And the plans for next year are even better
So watch out

I plan on:
 Meeting two of my best friends in the whole world
Going through Algebra 1
Writing at least four Novellas
Finishing my series on Robin Hood
Getting my own laptop
Watching less movies
Doing Zumba every day
Learning basic Spanish
Spending more time in my bible

So, we now harold in a new year; 2015 which I am super excited about because for the first seven months of the year my age always corresponds with the last two digits of the year. =D
Also, I’m really excited because I have come up with a new blogging schedule which I really think will keep me from just rambling and make it so my posts are actually about something.
Hopefully I will keep to this one. =D


Every Monday: My Life
These will be the same as before for the most part, I’ll post pictures and have a little update of what’s been going on during my week.

First Wednesday of every month: Writing Wednesday
This is a new series I’ll be doing that will be several different things: It will post updates on my writing and tell you about projects I’m working on, introducing you to characters, sharing snidbits of my book and I’ll also be sharing a little bit of writing advice sometimes!

Every Friday: Food for Thought
This is going to be something I’m going to enjoy EMENCLY this is going to be one verse every week sometimes accompanied with something that God been teaching me, or helping me through and I’m hoping we can have some discussions over things!

Just one thing, my schedule is SUPER busy till after the 10’th so both my new series will start the 12’th and 17’th along with my normal post on the 15’th

So, do ya’ll think it’s too much? Just enough?
Is there something you would like to see on my blog?


  1. I think it sounds great! :) I look forward to tuning in to this new schedule. :D

    1. Thanks Lauren! =D I'm looking forward to writing for this new schedule. =D

  2. Oh my gosh. You did so much writing this year! And how did you even read 122 books? That's amazing! Good job! I hope to finish drafting and editing three of my WIPs this year, and maybe, just maybe, start querying agents. Also, I'm really excited for your new blog schedule.

    1. Thanks! I worked a lot so I would actually get some done. =D Well, I got way behind on my reading schedule for school in March so I decided I was going to dedicate a lot more time to reading my books and I started reading about one short biogerphy every day four days a week. =/ I'm super glad I don't have to go that fast this year, I like enjoying my books. =)
      Awesome! I hope that works out for you! =D
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Ana! =D

  3. Your new schedule sounds good! :) You got a lot done this year!


    1. Thanks Micaiah! I'm looking forward to my new schedule! =D 2014 was a good year. =)

  4. hahaa, you have a fear of phones as well? I have it's just..I've gotten a little better... ;) Looking forward to those writing posts! :D Have a wonderful day, in 2015! :)

    1. Yes, I do! Yeah, only this year have I gotten any better about it. =P I still don't like it though.. =P Thank you so much Sarah! =D I'm looking forward to doing them a lot. =D


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