Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Writing Wednesday #1

Hello everyone! Its so nice to have you here for my first ever Writing Wednesday! =D 
Today I want to share a little list of advice I came up with awhile back. Each piece of advice is started by a different letter of the alphabet. 
Enjoy! =D 

 A good writer never:
Bashes other writers just to be rude,
Creates names that no one can pronounce but you,
Drags a series on past its real story,
Enrages readers with the ending to a series,
Forgets the true meaning to a story,
Grabs every chance for a romantic scene,
Holds to much regard for backstory,
Irritates readers by ending each chapter with “And this would change they’re life forever”,
Joins up two annoying characters, making them unbearable,
Kills the main character,
Laughs at editors,
Makes readers wait to long for a sequel,
Neglects to give your character a good quality,
Opts out of the editing process,
Produces stereotype characters for each book,
Quits in the middle of a book,
Reads to much advice,
Secrets a story away for too long,
Tells everyone the ending to the book,
Understands all grammar rules,
Visits to many people in the story,
Waits to long to reveal an important secret in the story,
Xpects people to believe you’re a good speller if you thought that was really how you spelled expect,
Yawns when people are telling you about their books,
Zips a characters lips when you really need to know something



  1. Aw, I love this list, Mikayla and I can totally relate. I've turned away good books because they have toooo many romantic scenes!

    1. Thanks! =D Yeah, even I (Who likes light romances) have stoped reading books because they're to romance filled. Its sad.. =/

  2. That was really neat! :D I love writing Wednesdays! :D

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! =D I love it to, hopefully I'll have a post next time that's filled with stuff about my characters! =D

  3. Hello Mikayla!
    I loved this post - it was awesome. However, I wouldn't say that "A good writer never.... kills off a main character", because there are some incredible, very popular writers who do just that. Also, I do give back story a lot of thought, it makes the characters seem deeper, and not so shallow. I dunno, I just found those two things to be things that excellent writers do all the time, and half the time it's what makes the stories/novels so popular.

    1. I understand some people have a different opinion on some things Authors should and shouldn't do, this list was mainly just to make people laugh.
      And just because killing your main character is something 'popular' authors do, doesn't make it good.
      And I agree, your back story does matter but its not what your story is. Your story about where your character is presently and focusing to much on the past sometimes hinders your character, at least that's what I meant by that.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    2. This did make me laugh, Mikayla, this was great! I agreed with a lot of what you said. :) ("X" was especially funny)
      Okay, you're going to probably hate me for this, but I think killing off the main character is something that makes the book so great, because it's a different plot twist, it makes it anticlimactic. It's not what someone is expecting to happen. I don't care if the book is popular or not, but I know that when I'm in love with a character, and the character dies, I so didn't see it coming, and it makes it more memorable to me. Just my little two-cents. Promise you won't hate me?

    3. Haha, thanks Lauren! =D
      I could never hate you, your to awesome for that. =D Like I said in my other comment, this was just to make you laugh and I understand its not everyone's opinion but to me, killing off the main character ruins a book because through a whole book you love the main character only to have them die. I have enough reality in life, I don't really like that kind of reality in my books. ;D
      I never have a problem with people stating they're true opinion. Actually, I really love it, because then I know people feel open enough with me to disagree. =)
      Love ya Lauren!

    4. hm, I don't like it when people die in books, let alone the main characters, people you get to know and "love." If I find that in a book, I'd probably stop it. I'm very touched by books...I just read one last night and was so upset after reading it, when it was really nothing. ;) It was Nory Ryans Song, it was a wonderful book about an Irish girl during the potato famine. Mikayla, please don't kill off a main character. ;) I couldn't barely kill off a character that I barely knew in my makes me feel bad somehow. ;) Haha, again, lovely post!

    5. Don't worry Sarah! I could never handle killing my main character! I love all of them to much! I have killed off one side character but that was because it really was what the story was about. Thats the only time I don't mind side characters dying. =/ If I'm going to have someone die I try to have them dead by time the story starts so then its not a SUPER sad thing for my readers. =) Thank you so much Sarah! =D

  4. HAHA!!! This is awesome!!! =D ;D I loooove it!!!! <3

    1. Aww, thanks Jessica. You seem to be one of two that actually liked it. ;P


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