Friday, January 1, 2016

Food For Thought #48

Is 2015 over already??? 

Okay, I am in a bit of shock that 2015 is over already and it's 2016. A year ago I was one week away from meeting some friends from SC, I was making new year resolutions, and writing my book Just Your Ordinary Girl. 
A year later I'm still making resolutions, working on sorting through a stack of unfinished books from NaNo, and trying to discover what in the world happened to this year.

I'm splitting my new years post in two. Half today and half on Monday.
Today I have a list of my top ten books of 2015. 

Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay. 

Journeys of Four by Rebekah Jones

Becoming Nikki by Ashley Elliott.

Trust by Molly Evangeline 


Brothers and Betrayal by Sarah Holman

The Sound of Diamonds by Rachelle Rea


Re-Creations by Grace Livingstone Hill

Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott

Home on Stoney Creek by Wanda Luttrell

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

What was your favorite book of 2015?
How is your new year going for you?


  1. Aw, Princess Academy! I read that book this year as well! Have you ever read the others in the series?

    1. Cool! Yes, I have. I read all three this year and like all of them! What about you? Did you read/like the others in the series?

  2. Gosh...what WAS my favorite book in 2015? ;) Well, I will say that I did enjoy Little Women and Anne of Avonlea, but I haven't finished either yet. ;) I've never heard of any of these books before, but I'll have to check them out! Especially Under The Lilacs.
    Hope your 2016 is going great so far, Mikayla! Mine sure is. ;)

    1. Oh, I loved Little Women!! My sister read us it when I was about six and then I re-read it almost every year since. =) Please tell me what you think when your done!
      I hope you enjoy some of them!
      Thank you, Sunny! I hope yours does as well!


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