Monday, January 16, 2017

December Highlights

Hello everyone! Sorry this post is so late, but better late then never, right? Here ya go: 

I actually got my Christmas presents sent out early. Yes, this made my highlights because that's the first time I've ever done that. ;)

I got to play an angel in our local live nativity. More story's from that here.

This was the program for his event that I kept notes on. =)

I got to play official photographer at one of my brothers honor society meetings. Mostly what this involved was eating a lot of snacks and playing on WiFi. The other little part involved photos of a lot of random stuff and getting to stand up when everyone had to sit down. It was awesome.

This is a sad highlight. I discovered I cannot drink milk. I can still have some milk products, thankfully. Though, I'd much rather give up milk then keep throwing up, so it worth it. Its just sad while I'm at it. 

My brother graduated collage! I kept teasing him for this past four years that I was in collage to because he would tell me all this stuff he was learning, and stuff. So we teased that I'm now out of collage. Seriously though, I'm so happy. Now we have a nurse in the family! 

I spent the day in San Antonio with some friends and my family. That was super awesome. We got to eat the most awesome TexMex, visit some old Spanish missions, and walk a crazy long way on the river walk. I posted pictures from that here.

I watched a Star Trek that was so funny I was doubled over in laughter. Yeah, small things in life, but I love moments like that.

My sister and I tried to make a conversation out of the hot sauce packets. ;D

My family had an awesome Christmas party, had an amazing Christmas and an amazing shopping trip. I'm just lumping these together since they're all Christmas stuff. We have a Christmas party every year, and this one went really well. So did our Christmas. Of coarse no day every goes precisely as planned, but it was awesome none the less. I ended up singing so much at church that I could only barely wispier for about thirty minutes afterwards. And the day after Christmas the girls in my family always go shopping and this year was awesome. I got to hang out with my family, get a lot of fun stuff. 

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What were some of your December Highlights? Even if they are kinda old news by now. ;) 


  1. aww that's horrible that you can't have some dairy :P whoa you sure read a lot last month! :D

    aww, thx for mentioning my posts! :D

    1. Yeah, it really stinks. But, better that then throwing up. =P Haha, Thanks. After NaNo I was kinda starved for books, and I got a cold so I had a lot of time to read so I just plowed through them. ;D

      Your posts are awesome! Seriously, I love your blog.



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