Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Angel that Wore Tennis Shoes

Edge of a pond.

Well guys, this week I got to play an angel in our local walk through nativity. I think it was a pretty bad miscast but its fun. ;)

One of the things I love about playing in things like this is the people I get to act with. 

We got to the church and got into costume. I have these bulky wings that stick out about half a foot on each side so I had to turn sideways to walk down most hallways and get into doors. And yes, I was wearing tennis shoes, because this nativity is one where it repeats as people walk through. My feat hurt even while wearing the good shoes. I texted friends, nervous about our first performance. And then it started and.... it went fine. 

During one of the performances, I stood up to give my line to the shepherds, and my halo fell off. I managed not to burst out laughing through my line and when I was done speaking and the attention turned off of me I snatched my halo and put it on. I got up to do my line again and it fell off just before I started talking so I managed to shove it up my sleeve before I started. When we got to the stable I put it back on. This time I secured it. 

Another time the wise men accidentally gave Jesus two things of Myrrh. When that happened the whole cast there, wise men, angels, shepherds, Mary and Joseph all fought to keep from bursting out with laughter. The tour ended and we all had a good laugh, including the guy who had made the mistake. 

I sang Silent Night enough times that I now hope to not hear it for at least another year. 

Overall, it was an awesome experience.

Have you ever been a part of a live nativity? If not, have you seen one that you really like? 


  1. that sounds like so much fun!! I went to a live nativity once - I would have loved to go to yours XD

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. It was! I would have loved to have you there, that would have made it even more fun! =D Maybe someday you can come down. ;)


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