Monday, February 6, 2017

January Hightlights

Hello everyone! Happy February! Ready for my highlights? Here we go: 

I cut my hair. Not much, but it was my first one, so it was scary enough as it was. I'm enjoying my slightly shorter hair.

A statue in Alabama I belive. =) 

I was in Walmart, using my cart as a skateboard like any mature seventeen year old would, when random middle aged dude number one walked up to me. Now as this rarely happens, I was very unsure of what in the world this guy was doing. Then he just held up his hand and said "I just need to give you a high five for using the cart to skate like that. Anyone who can have that much fun in the grocery store deserves to be congratulated. Yes, this was a very fun experience.

The Mississippi. =) 

I had two cat try to adopt me. On two separate walks I just pet a cat, and it followed me. One of them followed me all the way home! I kinda wanted to keep that one, bu reluctantly sent it on its way home. 

The most awesome thing that happened this month was that I got to surprise one of my best friends for her birthday. What made this about twice as awesome as it would have been was that she lives in South Carolina, I live in Texas. My mom and oldest sister drove me three days to get there, and while Sarah was sick none the less. I did manage to keep it a secret the whole way there and the look on her face was priceless. One of us hit the car horn, but I'm not sure who. XD The picture above is of Jessica. Isn't she gorgeous?? Meeting up with her made me wish I could see all my friends again.


While I was at Jessica's house, she and her awesome family took us around South Carolina. We got to see Charleston, Cowpens, Gaffney, and lots of little towns I do not remember. Above is the Gaffney water tower which I was told I could not leave town without seeing. ;D

Me and Jessica.

I got to meet Rachelle Rea Cobb!! She is a fantastic author and an awesome person. It was amazing!

While I was in South Carolina my dog disappeared for five days! Thankfully he came back right before we came home!


Around nine thirty at night one time my sister Rebekkah and I just randomly decided to play Twister. No reasoning there, we just felt like it. I got beat four times in a row. I am not very good at the game, but I had a ton of fun getting beaten. ;D

Total: 10

My favorite was At Every Turn by Anne Mateer. It was amazing!!

You Win Fifth out of Ten 

Encourage + Inspire Burning Youth 

Why Snail Mail Is The Best Totally Graced 

Beware Twilight to Dawn 

Drowning Chasing Moonlight

I Got My Book The Introverted Extrovert 

How was your January? 


  1. Sounds very fun. Love the pictures.

    Have a great February!! :)


    1. Thank you so much!

      You to!!



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