Friday, February 3, 2017

The Dream Jar

Another dream is put in the jar 
The little girl who started it has come so far
She started off with light dreams about fun dares 
Slowly they have turned to heart felt prayers
Things she wants to do, things she wishes she had
Things that will be happy, and things she knows will be sad
Heart cry’s for things to change
Pleadings when things were strange
Hopes for things she knew could never come true
Prayers for friends and people she knew 
Once and awhile there would be a fanciful one 
But she would always regret it and say “why should this be done 
When there are so many hearts out there breaking
So many people whose faiths are shaking 
Things that I could help if only I would so something about it 
If only I would set my eyes on the greater things and never quit 
Because when I leave this world for good
I want to leave it the best I could”
So another dream is put in the jar 
Showing again that this girl had come far
Because she’s determined to make a difference in the lives around her 
And they’ll have the jar to show people what her dreams were 


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