Monday, February 20, 2017


Reading... Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. This is my second time though it.

Watching... People go by. Yes, I am a people watcher. It is super fun.

Writing... Flight From Kelar which I started in November, emails, and this post!

Trying... to find a photo for a book cover! Apparently no photographer has ever taken a photo just like this before. ;P

Cooking... nothing. I really don't cook much.

Eating... Texas Hash. 

Drinking... Iced tea.

Calling... Nobody for the past few weeks. I'm not really a phone person. ;P

Texting... my best friends.

Pinning.. Toby Mac quotes.

Instagraming...  random photos from my week. Including photos of my new mug, and camera key chain.

Crafting... some cards for friends. I've never been very good at cards, so its getting interesting. ;)

Doing... a workout every morning. My muscles hate me every morning, but feel good every night. I can't decide if its worth it. ;)

Going... to do laundry in a few minutes.

Loving... spending time with my sister, the beautiful day, packages arriving in the mail... the list could go on.

Hating... the last bit of a cold still holding on. =P

Discovering... New authors and discovering I cannot buy every book I want or soon I won't have any place to sleep.

Enjoying... The quiet and unlimited internet.

Thinking... about my friends, and a project that my mom wants me to do.

Feeling... Happy about what I've got done last week.

Hoping... To get even more this week.

Listening... TobyMacs song Forgiveness.

Celebrating... the fact that I haven't Kate just finished the first draft of her book.

Smelling... lunch as its being made.

Thanking... God for all the awesome people and things He's given me.

Considering... Spending my whole day writing.

Starting... to write a book review.

Finishing... this post.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. I absolutely love these pictures Mikayla! :) Great post!!


  2. Totally just got inspiration for a story scene from one of your pictures ;). Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Savannah

    1. Awesome!! I'd love to read it someday! =D Thanks for commenting, you made my day!

  3. Cool post! The pictures are pretty! Who is your favorite singer? I am listening to TobyMacs song "Till the Day I Die" now.

    1. Thank you so much! My favorite singer is TobyMac, but Newsboys and Avalon come in close second and third. =) Oh, I love that song! Have you heard his Undeniable? I LOVE that song.

  4. I like newsboys to! I have never heard of Avalon. No I haven't but I will defiantly check it out!

    1. Whats your favorite Newsboys song? Mine is My Friend Jesus. =)

  5. I really like there song "Kings and Queens" because it talks about adoption and I have adopted siblings so its cool. Do You have siblings?

    1. Thats a really cool song! I have five siblings, all older then me. I love it. How many siblings do you have?

    2. I have 2 siblings both younger then me. What are things you like to do with your siblings?

    3. Awesome! Well, my brother has a full time job, along with my two oldest sisters, so its hard to get all of us together. But my favorite thing to do with them is to have long conversations. We can get super ridiculous, and its awesome. Sometimes we go and play laser tag together, or just play games at home. Seriously I just love hanging out with them. Us three younger girls (The Three Musketeers as we have named ourselfs) probably hang out the most since we're the ones without jobs. We like to watch movies together and take long walks. Also we do babysitting together. Technically it Rebekkah's and my job, but Grace pitches in when one of us is busy, so we all like doing that together. I could probably do anything with my siblings and have fun.
      What do you like to do with your siblings?

    4. That sounds like you guys have tons of fun together. I like playing sports with my siblings. We play a lot of outdoor games. We like jumping on the trampoline together. My sister and I like to do hair and makeup together, and we can just talk for hours:)

    5. Sounds great! Siblings are the best. =)

  6. Lovely pictures! I really like the moss one!


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