Monday, February 13, 2017

Texas Capitol Dome Tour

Looking up into our dome

Looking up from the sixth floor balcony.

The ground of the capital. That white building with the path going right to it is the visitor center for the capitol. =) 

Me and Austin

The star at the top of the dome.

Last week I got to go on a dome tour of the Texas state capitol. Just as a note, if you ever were presented with the chance to do this, do it!!! 

So, they warned us about ten times that if any of were scared of heights that this probably was not a good idea. Now, I do have a slight fear of heights, but I was not in the mood to let that get in my way, so I didn't mention it. First they took us up a ton of stairs, then out onto a balcony. It was amazing! Seeing Austen from that view was incredible. Then they took us up again, and we repeated this process until we got to the two coolest part of the tour. You see in that first photo how there is a star up at the very top of the inside of the dome? Well, there is a ledge around it! I didn't even know that was there until they took us onto it. 

I thought that was the coolest thing, until they took us above that, and onto the highest balcony. It was a tiny one, but SO amazing. Amazingly, I had not had much of any problem with the heights up to this point. And then I looked up and the last part of the capital had clouds behind it moving swiftly and it looked like it was falling down on us. It was a terrifying two seconds. Our tour guide looked up, took a step back and went "Woah, I've never seen it do that before!" ;D 

Overall, it was pretty amazing. 

Have you ever been on a tour of your capitol? 


  1. How fun! Your pictures are great. :) I went on a tour of my state capitol about two years ago, and it was really neat! The dome and the circular balcony are reminiscent of what ours looked like- especially when you got five floors up! xD

    1. Thank you so much! Thats awesome! =D Most of the capitols do have domes, so I would love to see more someday! Whats your favorite thing about your capitol?

  2. Woah these are awesome pictures Mikayla! Sounds very fun.

  3. Oh, wow, that's so cool, Mikayla! :) Thanks for taking us with you! I had to look especially at the star photos a few times - I mean, that is amazing being all the way up there! I hope I would be brave enough!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't want to miss out, but, wow! Very cool pics! And I'm very proud of you for your courage!!!!!!!!! :cool: Yay, Mikayla! :) I've got to show my family these! I think Texas is a cool state (even though I've never been there). Did you pray as you climbed up? Or close your eyes?

    1. It was my pleasure! Its actually not as hard as it seems. I'm sure you'd be able to do it if you ever wanted to go. =) Well I think Texas is pretty cool myself, but I guess I'm biased. ;) Yeah, sometimes I did, and that really helped. Sometimes though I got so completely amazed by how cool it was that I wasn't even scared.
      No, I did not close my eyes. The stairs went in a circle, so I had to pay attention to winding around. Also some were super narrow so I had to pay attention to making sure my foot actually made it on the step. The only time I closed my eyes was when I looked up at the very top balcony and it looked like the building was falling on us. Then I took a step back an closed my eyes for a moment. XD Have you ever toured your capitol?
      Thank you so much for stopping by!


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