Friday, March 10, 2017

Ink Spilling From the Heart

This is a poem I wrote about, well, writing! I hope you enjoy it!

When life seems to be 
Falling apart 
With no hope 
I write 
When I feel sadness
Tearing at my soul
Threatening to tear 
It to pieces 
I write 
When life’s irritations 
Get in the way 
I am about to scream 
I write 
When life seems perfect 
Nothing could be better 
A laugh bubbles over 
For no reason 
I write
Because when my heart 
Spills over with emotion 
It turns into ink 
And spills onto the page 
Making an impression 
No one can forget 
It sears in my brain
And then my mind 
And my soul 
Seem connected 
And God seems to fill 
The very ink spilling forth 
And it fills me 
With such hope 
And peace 
To know He lives
In my soul
And that He uses 
My deepest pain 
And my deepest joy 
Even if I don’t 
See it at the time 


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