Monday, March 6, 2017

February Highlights

Hello everyone!! Maybe February went by fast because its the shortest month of the year, or because of all that happened, but regardless of the reason, it went fast! And here we are already six days into March. Well, here are my highlights from last month!

Toured capitol. Read about that here.

Stargazed. That was an important part of my month. It was awesome. 

I started running again. This is not as cool, but it does give me some nice time in the morning to talk to God alone. 

Went to nature place trail. (See pictures from the last trip here) Which pretty much consisted of nearly dying from trying to keep up with my amazingly physically fit brother and sister. They practically dragged me up the last hill. But it was good! I was only sore for three days and it was amazingly fun. And I saw that same o

Got camera thumb drive. This thing is the coolest. Also its a lot bigger then my last thumb drive so there's lots more room for my photos! Score!

I managed to delete 400 photos off of my thumb drive that I didn't have backed up anywhere else. Thankfully a friend was able to restore all of them for me. I love having techy friends when I am so.... not techy.

Me, Grace Pennington, and my sister Sarah.
I went to Grace Pennington's wedding. This was AMAZING!! Grace is one of my favorite authors ever and her wedding was beautiful.

Finished Flight from Kelar!! My beautiful mess is done. Read the celebratory post here.

Annabeth's War and Wren were both rereads and old favorites. But my favorite book that I read for the first time in February was From the Dark to the Dawn by Alicia A. Willis. That book was SO amazing. 

Full Heart Totally Graced

Dear Walls Jessica Greyson 

Created To Love Burning Youth

A Still Small Voice Sarah Holman

Snow Photography Every Bit of Lovely

What We Can't See A Purpose and a Promise

Let Them See Your Flaws Whimsical Writings

Change Your Words || Change the World Burning Youth

How was your February?


  1. Sounds like a good month. My February was good it was full of basketball games:)

    1. It was! Awesome! Do you play basketball yourself, or it one of your family members? =)

    2. My sister and I both play basketball. Do you play any sports?:)

    3. Thats cool! No, I don't really play spots. Me and two of my sisters enjoy tennis, but we don't do it very much. I wish I could just blame it all on not being athletic (which I'm not naturally) but the fact is that I haven't really made time for sports. =P
      What's your favorite thing about basketball?

    4. Tennis is fun I played it when I was younger. My favorite thing about basketball is the team I am on we are all Christians so we pray together before all the games and at practice, also we give all our glory to God. Playing sports with siblings is also really fun:)

    5. That is awesome! Sounds like an amazing team to be a part of!


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