Friday, March 3, 2017

Mirrors Cannot Lie

Mirrors cannot lie. They are not capable of it. When you look in it, it doesn't say you are ugly, or fat, or that your mean, you do. You are the one spouting lies. You are just using the evidence you see in the mirror to back up you testimony. But I can 100% guarantee you that if God stood there next to you, that is not what he would say. No I think He would say "You are broken, but so was I, and I was more broken then you will ever be for I didn't just take on one persons sin, I took on everyone's. I took it, and it died with me. But it didn't resurrect with me. I came back to give you life that is better then your sin filled one. I came to give you with with hope and healing." 

Society tells us we need to be a size two to be pretty. But we are not suiciety, and we should be different then them. Society may think that you need to be small, pretty and successful to be loved, but shouldn't we, who know Christ, know better? After all, God is in us, and God does not look at outward appearances, so why are we judging by the worlds standards? We have a higher standard to live by. 

Every person on this earth, who lived, is living, or is to come, is hand crafted by God. And He loved us all. As Christians we have forsaken the world an its standards and chosen to look to something greater because we know The Healer, and He searches much deeper then the outside. He searches our hearts and knows our brokenness and He want's to use it for His glory. He loves us even in our brokenness and wants to bring us to a place of hope and healing beyond our brokenness. 

Society tells us what we need to be loved is to to be pretty and successful. But we are different and cannot follow their path. We can't follow their society and God. God's plan is so much bigger then the worlds. And society changes day to day. It is fickle in its demands. But Gods plan for your life has never changed. From before you were born, God knew every moment of your life. And every day we fail the perfect plan, but that doesn't surprised God. He knew you would do it, so He used your weakness to show His strength, And He will use it every time. 

The Mirror does not lie, we do. But God is in and He is bigger then us or our lies. He wants to show you how precious you are to Him. And He wants to show you His perfect plan. All you've got to do is ask Him to show you, and ask Him to make you the best you possibly be for Him. And keep asking Him every minute of of every day. He loves you, and wants to show you the higher calling.


  1. Amazing. I'm so impressed. This brought tears to my eyes. The mirror doesn't lie. I do. Thank you Mikayla!!


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