Sunday, April 16, 2017

He Is Here

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Christ died, giving up everything to come here and teach us how to live. He came to show us how much He was willing to go though for us. That He was even willing to go though a death far worse then any of ours will ever be because it wasn't just Him dying, He was taking the punishment for our sin with Him. Letting it separate Him from His father temporarily so that you and I could be with Him eternally. 

Then He rose from the grave, conquering death for all of us. When His followers came to the tomb that day, an angle told them "He is not here, He has resin!" 

The power those words hold is just incredible. God broke the chains of death, coming out of the grave so that we could be with Him. 

Then He sent His spirit to fill us so we could have a relationship with Him. 

I think one of the most amazing things about Easter for me is being able to know two that He is not in the grave anymore, He has resin. But He is here, in my soul, and He is never leaving.

He came because of His never failing, never ending, perfect love.

He is alive, and He is here.


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