Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bursting With Dreams || Blog Launch

Are you bursting with a dream? Do you long for a place where you can connect with other creatives like you? Well Hailey Hudson has created just such a place. 

The Hardworking Creative launches today, and here is the mission statement: 

My name is Hailey Hudson, and I’m a hardworking creative who inspires other creatives to put in the legwork that’s necessary to make their dreams become their reality.

This is a place where creatives are celebrated. Whether you’re a writer, painter, filmmaker, graphic designer, violinist, dancer, actor, you name it—if you pride yourself on both your creativity and your work ethic, then you are welcome here. If you’re looking for your people, you’ve found them.

At the age of eighteen, I became an author and a freelance writer. As I looked around, I realized I had many friends who were incredibly talented in various creative pursuits and who hoped to make it big—but they weren’t actually doing any work towards their dreams. Creativity is a fantastic thing to have, but if you want to be successful, hard work as equally as important, and that’s the premise that this website was founded on.

Here at The Hardworking Creative, you’ll find monthly success stories from young creatives just like you, plus more exciting content explaining what the lifestyle of a hardworking creative really looks like—tips on marketing, branding, and social media, and more.

This website is the launching pad for your success. So stick around. I can’t wait to watch you succeed.

“To anyone who’s bursting with a dream—come one, come all.” –The Greatest Showman

Head on over and check it out at The Hardworking Creative! This is a site that you will not want to miss! 


  1. Cool! I will definitely check it out!
    It's a great concept, and one I really struggle with- the struggle to actually put in any work :P
    The aesthetics look great, as well.. adding it to the growing list of blogs I follow, lol.

    1. Isn't it though? I am really looking forward to it!
      They are! Lol, I know the feeling, I've got a ton of blogs I read!

  2. Hi Mikayla! I tagged you for the Liebster Tag if you want to do it!

    1. Thank you so much, Victoria! I will definitely check that out!


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