Monday, February 4, 2019

Firestarter: Launching a Blog that Blazes

Recently I got to be a Beta for Livy Lynn's new program Firestarter: Launching a blog that blazes and it was an amazing experience. Up ahead is a review and a code so you can get a huge discount on the program. 

I was so excited when Livy asked for Beta’s for a new project. I jumped at the chance and haven’t regretted it at all.
This 20-day course is packed full of some of the best advice I’ve heard about starting a blog. Firestarter cover’s everything from how to choose the best platform for your needs, to growing your social media, to how to make money from your blog.
She gave some really solid advice on why you should start a blog, why you should try to make money from it, and why you should connect with your readers.
And the best part? This whole course is done from a Christian perspective. I found that refreshing since most advice I’ve found is from a secular view. Livy is not overly preachy, so I don’t think non-Christian’s would find it annoying.
It’s all done into bite-sized days, and while I personally would probably take more than 20 day’s to be able to accomplish all of this, it’s doable. I had so much fun working through the printable at each step.
Photo is linked to the Firestarter page
My only disclaimer is that this course is packed full of advice, which you probably won’t all agree with. For instance, there is a whole day on how to grow your Pinterest, something I am not interested in at all. And Blogger isn’t even mentioned, so if you use it, a lot will apply to you, but you’ll have to figure out some things on your own. Still, there is a lot in here.
Overall, this was a lovely course that made me excited about blogging again. I now have step by step instructions on how to go about growing my blog, and I will probably refer back to this for months to come (if not years).

If you’re looking for a solid Christian course on how to get your blog started with a bang, or how to improve your existing blog, Firestarter is for you. 

You can get the corse here and use the code Mikayla at checkout to get 100 off! That means it will only be 50 dollars!

I want to be honest with y'all, I am an affiliate for this program, so if you use my code, I will receive a commission. But I didn't just become an affiliate because of money, I became one because this program is amazing and I learned SO much from it. I wouldn't be recommending it except I loved it so much!

If you check out the program, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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