Friday, May 9, 2014

Days when you learn a lot

                                                       Days when you learn a lot #1

I actually don’t know if this will be a series or not but I wanted to share with ya’ll some of the struggle that I have that I know some of you can relate to. Or maybe it will just make you feel better that someone else has the same problem as you. =)
All this week and last I've been working on a entry for a contest on Your Story Central. I wrote, rewrote and edited it to what I thought was as good as it could get and I submitted it on the 2’nd. I was so excited, I checked the blog several times a day for the results, I got pumped up about what I would do if I won. Today they announced the winners.
I wasn't among them.
I cried. Honestly, I was really disappointed. It was hard to except that something I had worked that hard on wasn't good enough to win a contest. I understood that there was probably a lot of entry’s and that for every contest there had to be losers but it was still a disappointment.
Then I looked at my entry’s title. Get Back Up Again. Do you know how much meaning that holds when your lost in disappointment? Then my sister gave me a gift, saying she loved my story, even if the judges didn't.
It was right then that I decided the next chance I get I’m going to enter that story into another contest and another and another. I’ll keep perfecting it till I can make it worthy to win a contest, or even if it doesn't ever win a single prize it will hold a special place in my heart because it helped me, and is helping me, learn to always get back up again.
I just wanted to share the last line of the entry with ya’ll because I felt it had good meaning for this post.

I thanked God for small victories, because they give us the strength we need to fight the bigger battles.

Someday I’ll share the whole entry with you. =) Also later in the day I found the perfect quote on Pintrest to go with this. =)

"A strong person is not the one who doesn't cry. A strong person is one who is quite and sheds tears for a moment then picks up her sword and fights again" -Unaccredited- 

Thanks for listening ya’ll!



  1. Aw, this is a sweet post, Mikayla! I completely understand; I had a story that I wrote and I entered it in a TON of contests and magazines. It never did make it in, but what counts is that we tried. So many people say that "someday" they want to be authors, or writers. It takes real courage to actually do it. I think your writing is wonderful. Everything I have seen or read of yours has been amazing. I don't know what your whole story is about but it sounds wonderful! =) I know what it is like being really excited about something and then it not happening. But the important thing is that you got back up. You are the real winner. =)

    ~Your Friend,

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Jessica!!! It made my whole day! =D Your awesome.


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