Friday, May 23, 2014

Fun Facts and words

I feel awful, I haven't done a fun fact or word in over a month. =( Forgive me pretty please? 
Okay, as most of you know I'm a BIG Nancy Drew fan. I own all the original 56 books, most of the Her Interactive games, some companion books, two TV series and a movie. I'm just a bit of  a fan. =D Over all that fandom I have acquired some interesting facts about Nancy Drew, some of which I'm sure ya'll know. =) 

1. In the revised version of #5 The Secret of Shadow Ranch George is teasing Nancy about liking about a cowboy and she says "What would Ned say?" but Nancy does not even meet Ned til book seven. 

2. There were two original writers of the series, Mildred Wirt Benson who wrote up to book 30, The Clue of the velvet mask, then Harriet Stratemeyer wrote the rest. 

3. Carson Drew's middle name is Campbell. The p is silent just so you know.

4. When they revised the books in the 1950's they changed Nancy's age from 16 to 18 so that she could legally drive her car in all states.

5. In all 56 books Ned gets kidnapped twice.

I hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Howdy!!!

    I have nominated you for the Leibster award!!! My private blog was nominated, and so that is why there is no post on Bits and spurs specifying that you were nominated.


    Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
    List 11 facts about yourself
    Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
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    My questions:

    1. Do you sing?

    2. Do you prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt?

    3. What is your favorite musical genre?

    4. What is your favorite color?

    5. What is your favorite horse color?

    6. Do you ride horses?

    7. Do you live in the city or country?

    8. What is your favorite food?

    9. What is your favorite movie?

    10. Do you enjoy pizza?

    11. Have you ever been to Spain?

    Have a great day!!!!

    1. Thanks Alyssa! I'll be sure to do a post about it soon! =)


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