Monday, May 12, 2014

The Liebster Award

Hey, I got nominated for The Liebster by Michaela over at Stepping Toward The Son and honestly I have no idea what the word Liebster is but I hope its fun. =)

~Link back the person who nominated you 
~List eleven facts about yourself 
~Answer the eleven questions asked by the blogger who nominated you 
~Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can't nominate the blogger who nominated you)
~Ask them eleven questions
~Let them know of their nomination!

Eleven facts:

1. I LOVE Amy Carmichael
2. I love Get Smart
3. Most of my new book plots come from inspiration I get on Pintrest
4. I have never been out of the country
5. I love room decorating
6. I'm having a lot of trouble writing right now
7. I'm listening to 'Words' by Hawk Nelson 
8. My favorite color is purple
9. I adore studying World War II and Henry II's time period
10. I REALLY enjoy school. Honestly 
11. My parents let me skip Algebra

Michaela's Questions:

1. Who is your favorite Disney princess? Well, I'm not big into the Disney Princess's but I guess I would say Bell.
2. What is your favorite season? Spring. Without a doubt. 
3. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Colorado, South Carolina or England. I can't decide. =)
4. If you could have tea with any book character, who would it be? Um, Annabeth from Annabeths War by Jessica Greyson I guess or maybe Salah from A Different Kind of Courage by Sarah Holman.
5. List your five favorite foods. Spaghetti, chocolate, candied orange slices, Chicken Cord un Bule and Yorks.
6. What is your favorite class in school? My favorite subject is Science: I love learning how things work. i like Astronomy best. History comes close though. =) 
7. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate!
8. Coffee or tea? Tea, preferable sweetened and iced. I HATE Coffee.
9. Pearls or diamonds? Pearls. But I like Sapphires best.
10. If you could be the heroine in any movie, who would it be and what movie would it be for? Amanda from Scarecrow and Mrs King, which is a TV series but shes my favorite TV character ever. I guess I love her because shes much more real then any other movie character I have ever seen, not to mention she had the cutest personality. =D
11. What is your favorite song? Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North

My nominations: 

Jessica Joy at ( Almost ) Perfectly Pink
Tinde at Tindes Life
Olivia at A Book and a Smile
Mikayla L. 

Unfortunately that's all the people I know with under 200 followers. =P

My questions: 

1. If you could meet one purson who would it be and why?
2. Why did you begin Blogging?  
3. Who is your favorite fictional character? 
4. Whats you favorite subject in school?
5. Do you enjoy dancing?
6. If you could go one place where would it be? 
7. What is your favorite book? 
8. Whats your favorite Movie and TV series?
10. Did you notice there was no number 9? 
11. Iced or Hot tea?
12. How many elephants are there underground?


  1. Wow! Cool! =) My favorite Disney princess is Belle too! I love Beauty and the Beast. =) Aw, you would come to SC? You would HAVE to visit me! ;D I pretty much line up with all of your facts, besides #11. lol I like sweet tea, too! (That makes me a southerner, right? ;) I love decorating and Get Smart too! =D

    Well, that is about it for this comment. ;)


    1. It was an awesome movie. =) Why do you think I listed South Carolina Jessica? =) Yea, most of my friends are pretty jelous over number 11. =D I'm not sure, I don't know if most northern people don't like it. =)
      Thanks for the comment Jessica!

  2. Thnx for notmination! Am I too late? sorry I didn't see this earlier. and I am still a bit confused on what I have to do......

  3. Your not to late. =) All you have to do is write up a blog post answering my question, listing 11 facts about yourself and then nomanating 11 people. But if you don't feel like doing it don't worry. =)


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