Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hey everyone, I thought I'd give ya'll an update seeing as a few things happened this week I thought ya'll  would want to know about.  
First off is that I got a cellphone!! Or at least I'm going to once it arrives in the mail. =) I am SO excited!!!!!! Its going to be for texting only because I've got a thing against talking on the phone. (Don't ask me why) It should come on Wednesday!!! 
And also, I started an Amazon Wishlist! I had so much fun adding all my stuff. Okay so that's stupid but I had so much fun with it today I just had to share about it. =)
I also have started back up on editing my Robin Hood after an extended break which really excited about. =D Also there may be a third book in the series if all goes well. =D
Some things I'm adjusting to: Having my all but two of my siblings gone every day, Doing about a third of the work around the house, having less time for school in the morning due to chores, It being summer and the house being quiet.

As for an update on today it wasn't my best but it wasn't really my worst ether. =P
How are Ya'll doin'?


  1. A cellphone that you can text on???? What exactly are the specifications of your phone use? ;) Maybe we could hook up. =D I LOVE Amazon! lol And a 3rd book? You are on a roll, girl! =)

    1. Yea, I can text on the phone. =) That's the only thing I'm going to be using it for. =) I'll send you my number once I get it. =D Don't you love it when you get on a roll? =D

    2. Sounds awesome. I'll email my number to you. =) Yes, I love those times! LOL


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