Friday, February 13, 2015

Food For Thought #4

When a friends going through a hard time.

This is a bit of a hard topic for me to write on because I have dealt with friends going through hard times and have one now so this post is very personally driven. 

I'm pretty sure we've all been in that place where one of your friends is going through a hard time and its hard to decided just what to do. Do you flood them with encouraging emails? Do you offer to come and see them? Do you let them have space to deal with the problem? Do you just pray for them and ignore the problem? I know all these questions have run through my head at some point or another. 
The problem is there really is no defiant answer, it depends a lot on the friend and what their going through. So here are a few things you can do no matter what. 

1. Pray. 
It doesn't matter what the situation is prayer is always going to help. Sometimes I find it hard because some of my friends have hard things in there life's that I am probably never going to see the end of and so it feels pretty pointless to pray for it but I know that God is listening to me, and he's going to protect his children so I keep praying. 

2. Stick with them. 
If your friend is going through a hard time simply sticking with them may be the most comforting thing for them. Let them know your there for them and be willing to be a shoulder to lean on if they need a cry. 

3. Be there for them. 
I know some people probably think this is the same as number two but it isn't.
When your friend is going through a hard time, probably more then once they've just wanted to call someone up and talk about it but maybe didn't know someone who was available. By making time for them you may be helping them more then you know.

4. Communicate. 
Taking the time out of your day just to send them a message telling them your praying for them/you care for them is a support all to itself. It lets them know you care enough to take time out of your stuff just to message them. 

Okay, that's all the advice I have, I hope it was helpful to someone. 

 The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces. Isaiah 25:8

I know this is random but I wrote a poem awhile back about a friend of mine when she was going through a hard time so here it is: 

She sits by herself, but not in a corner
She may be alone but she is by no means a loner
People think she’s quiet, but they don’t know her
Because if they did, of her loudness they’d be sure
She smiles for everyone and everyone smiles back
But no one knows she cry’s herself to sleep when life is not even black
She cry’s over what she has lost
And the great pain it cost
No one sees her stifling her tears
So that no one hears
Oh, if she would speak of the deepest part of her heart
Perfectly composed people would fall apart
For no one could guess the battles in her soul
And that now it really is not whole
But help will come soon enough
To keep her from getting very gruff
And she will find such great love
That she had never known of
So stay strong dear one
Your fight will yet be won


  1. That was wonderful, I looveee that poem! You wrote that? That is amazing! I just love it! I might actually send it to a friend if that's okay! :)

    1. Awww, thanks! Yep, I wrote the poem. One of my friends was going through a hard time so I wrote this about her. =) Your welcome to! I hope your friend enjoys it!

  2. Beautiful poem Mikayla! And great post, :D
    -Hannah M

  3. Hey Mikayla! This was a really good post!! Very touching. Thank you. Your poem was very good also. I have felt like the girl in your poem sometimes. What a wonderful was to end the poem! You are a wonderful author, encourager and friend! I'll be praying for your struggling friend. God bless!
    ~Julia L.

    1. Thanks Julia! =D Awww, thank you so much. I don't feel like I'm very good at any of those things you mentioned sometimes! Thanks for blessing my day with this comment!


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