Monday, February 2, 2015

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #31

Things you probably never knew I collected
I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of some my collections for ya'll! =D
Do understand though, when I say collections, I mean if I see something like a unusual coin I'll probably pick it up but I don't actively seek these things out most of the time so they're not serious collections. =)

But first this photo:
Its not very good but you can see Michael grilling hamburger, then Luke sitting in the backyard, keeping Kitten from running twords Micheal. ;D

1. Glass gars with quirk tops: (10 so far)

I have no idea why I love these gars so much but I do. =D

2. Rocks

This is only the smallest rocks in my collection but the other ones are rather barried at the moment. =/

3. Mini globs.
(5. Three store bought, two hand painted.)

I love mini globs, they're just awesome. =D

4. Ships
Yep, I only have one in this lonely little collection, but I hope to get more to add to this homemade one. =D

5. Mini Snowglobs
(2 shown)

I actually have three but one is in the Christmas decorations so I could only show ya'll these. The one on the right is the Texan capital. =D

6. Castles.
I have my dream castle on the left and my castle made of sand on the left. =D

7. Coins

My dad has helped me collect TONS of coins.
8. Pink Pearl jewlry 
(3. pieces, two plastics, 1 real
The bracletts are plastic (Which I don't mind) but the necklace is a real one I got at the beach. =D

Its technically a purity necklace, isn't it pretty? =D 

9. Hats 
I adore hats, mainly caps. =D


11. Things that say "Dream" 
(The next two photos are also quotes) 
(20. So far as I could count.)

You can't see it but a NASA worker actually signed this with "I hope all your dreams come true" =D

This photo got messed up with the uploading but you can still see the Dream. =D

Did ya'll enjoy that? 
Which collection is your favorite?


  1. That was neat!! haha, you must dream a lottt! ;) hm, probably my yarn collection! ;) You can actually use it for something! Wow, those are beautiful rocks. Those coins look so amazing! :)

    1. Well, its my favorite word so I have a lot of stuff with it on it. =D Well, its always nice to have a collection you can use! =D Thanks, my dad helps me collect the coins. =)

  2. That is a loooot of dreaming! ;) :P That NASA photo is cool! Where did you get it!?

    I actually don't really have collections... Does movies/TV shows/books count??? :D

    1. Thanks! =D I got the NASA photo at the Texan capitol on NASA day. One of the workers they gave them out and signed them. =D I'm a little space crazy so its awesome to have. =D

      Yes, they count. =D I would have shown my books/movies but ya'll already know i own those. =D

  3. Wow. That's a lot of dream things. Do you keep those all in your room?
    I have a key necklace that says 'dream' on it... But I think that's pretty much all I have for the dreaming part. :D

    I collect books. xP

    1. Yep. They don't take up as much room as it looks. ;D

      Oh yeah, thats the best kind of collection to have! =D

  4. How cool - Ryan has built that exact ship before. :)
    I hope to collect a bunch of Texas things before we move, and I would like to add to my few knives that I have to make a "collection", but otherwise, I don't think I have any collections. Yours are so fun! I enjoyed this post!

    1. Awesome! =D It was a really fun thing to build. =D
      Well, I hope you find a lot of Texan things to take with you. =D
      Thanks for commenting Lauren! =D

  5. These are great! And very lovely. I love the little bottles.

    1. Thanks! =D I love my bottle collection to. =D


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