Thursday, February 5, 2015

Writing Wednesday #2

 Hey everyone! Sorry this post is late (I forgot it was Wednesday yesterday). Here is an interview with my book character Kelly! I hope you enjoy it! 

Kelly: So, I get to do a post on Mikayla’s blog; I see no way this could go wrong. *Moment’s pause while I realize that last statement was a compete lie.*
Anyway, my name is Kelly Clarke. I’m twenty three, and I’m a photographer/cover designer. My favorite song is “Everything is Awesome” and I really have no idea what Mikayla wants me to ramble along about so we’re going to get to some questions she made up for me.

This is Kelly. =)
(Via Pintrest) 

Mikayla: How many of books are you in?
Kelly: Well, so far Mikayla’s written “Am I Forgetting Something” and “Where did the Super Glue Come From” which are two short stories and she’s about to start work in on a third book entitled “Are we there Yet”. She keeps thinking shes written the last book with me for some reason, evening though, after ever book I start telling her about my next adventure.

Mikayla: Would you please tell my readers about Travis (AKA Eighty-Six)?
Kelly: Yes. But I have no idea how you want me to describe him. Travis is a guy I met in book one of our adventures and he is really funny. He doesn’t know when to stop having fun but that’s okay because neither do I. In “Am I Forgetting Something” we both had amnesia together. That was exciting to say the least.

Mikayla: Would you like to share a small clip from the book?
Kelly: Yes!! Here you go:

“Do you know something we can do while we’re in here?” I asked skeptically.
“Have fun.”
“I got it, why don’t we get a newspaper, then we can know what day it is and everything!” I suggested.
“Sounds great, but… um… where do we find one?” He raised an eyebrow.
“Uh… we could…. maybe… uh… I have no idea.” I finally said.
“We could always make a break for it and chance getting caught.”
“Hmm, too many drawbacks; they could put us in strait jackets.” I smirked.
“We could sneak into one of the executive offices and steal one.” He said, getting more excited.
“Are we still on the thieves and lawbreakers kick, or what?” I cocked my eyebrow.
“Yes.” He nodded. “We could hold someone at gunpoint for one.”
“No way.”
“We could threaten to blow up the building!”
“Think a little less violently here Eight-six.”
“We could always ask a nurse.” He said off hand.
“Now that is a good suggestion!” I said, standing and picking up my plate. “Come on, we can ask someone now.”
“Ninety-nine, you have such boring ideas.” He sighed.
“Your idea, genius.” I said, flicking my hair back as I threw away my plate.
“I really hate you sometimes.” He sighed.

Mikayla: Anything else you’d like to add?
Kelly: No, I think I rambled enough, thanks!

Thanks for reading everybody! I hope you enjoyed this, I will most likely have more with Kelly sometime in the future.


  1. 'Everything is Awesome.' Oh dear... That song can get stuck in my head quite easily. It's hilarious. xP
    Nice to meet you, Kelly!

    1. Yeah, its a catching song. ;D
      I'm sure she's glad to meet you to. ;D

  2. Hahaha... Everything is Awesome? ;) Thank you for the post, Mikayla! :D


    1. That's Kelly's favorite song, not mine! ;D Thanks Micaiah!

  3. Only Kelly and Travis can have be grinning like an idiot from word 1 to the end. I mean, seriously, I hear their name abd I start laughing lol. CANNOT.WAIT.FOR.BOOK.3!!!!!!!

    Love it, love you, gotta go.


    (That was a Bolt quote btw....just so ya know. ;)

    1. I didn't think their names were that funny. ;D Haha, thanks so much for the complement Jess. =) I can't wait to write it. =D I'm crossing my fingers for April, that's when I'd like to write it. =D

      Love you to Jessica! =D

  4. Totally need to do an interview about the third book... :P

    1. Alright. I'll see what I can do about that. =D


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