Friday, February 20, 2015

Food For Thought #5

You can pull yourself out of this. 

(By the way, thank you to all for your prayers/comments about my wrist it is much better now! Thank you! =D)

After four weeks of posting on friends I decided to write a post about conquering problems.  

realized that over the past about six months that I had gotten to the point that being mildly upset (You know that ‘I’m gonna sit in my corner and not talk’ kind) over anything was becoming a habit. Now, most of the time, I had been pretty perky so I couldn't figure out why I was doing this. I think its because its easier to just sit a sulk  at annoyances then to turn and smile, so I had stopped trying. But over the last month I've really been trying to just shake it off and be happy. 

So, its been a little hard because I've gotten into a sort of rut of this but I came up with a few tips so if your easily annoyed maybe we can shake it off together. 

1. Do something else. Don’t think about it, don’t dwell on what annoyed you just go do something else were you have to concentrate. Which brings us to number 2:

2. Find your happy spot. I did a blog post about my happy spot awhile back and everyone should have one of these. This is a thing or a spot that makes you happy. Mine (at the moment) is probably the book I’m currently writing called “Just Your Ordinary Girl” and the main character has been one of my most compelling ones to write and it makes me forget myself to write about her. 

3. Listen to an upbeat song. Sometimes I don’t feel like listening to upbeat music when I’m upset, I want to listen to sad songs but I need to get out of myself and listen to something upbeat and usually it helps me a lot. 

4. Do something for someone else. Get on and write you best friend an email, or better yet, maybe someone who wasn't expecting to hear from you. Call a friend, comment on you friends blog just because. Do some dishes for your mom. Anything really, little or small I've come to see is one of the best ways to be happier! 

5. Pray. Ask God to help you have a better attitude. I cannot tell you how many times I've said this prayer for different things but its almost scary. ;P I have a bad attitude about a lot of stupid stuff and I know that the only way I’m ever going to get over it is with God’s help. 


"May your hand be ready to help me." Psalms 119:73


  1. Glad your wrist is feeling better! Those are awesome, thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks! I am to. =D Your welcome!


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