Monday, July 27, 2015

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #55

Well, I've got a slew of random photos for ya. Some of these photos are from about a month or two ago, I hope you enjoy them! =D

Also, I hope to make a Q&A vidio, I already got some questions, but I want a lot more so please, comment and ask me as many questions as you like! It would make my day. =D

Sarah, Rose, Grace, Rebekkah, and me on the fourth of July. =D 
Sarah and I with the flag. =D

Me with our tree home grown watermelons.

I received a purity ring for my birthday. =) 

That, 'are you taken a picture right now' face. ;D

His, 'seriously' face. ;D

A snail. =) 
Goodness you can tell when things are from the past. Isn't this awesome? =D

Okay, so I'm a weirdo and took pictures of the mainboard of a computer. =D

Luke, so happy.

Then he realized I was taking photos. ;D

Our cherry tomatoes. =D

Yes, this is a piece of parsley in oil in a thing of water. ;D

My shirt.

Random deck boards...
Toothless, so confiscated.
Luke while I was walking. =) 

Light bulb. =) 

Remember these? I used to practically be attached to my walkmen but I didn't remember how fun it was till I pulled it out a little bit ago to listen to a book on it. =D

Totally feeling like a hippy. ;D

Got to love Texas, we even put out state on our sodas. =D
Please comment with questions for my Q&A vidio! Thank you! =D 


  1. Random questions? I'll ask some. :D
    - Favorite season?
    - Would you rather be a monkey or a bird?
    - Favorite author? (Do you have one of her/his books to show?)

    1. Thank you so much Katie, I look forward to answering these in my video! =D

  2. Haha, I love these pictures! You are so cute! I used to use my mom's old walkman; but if you listened to it in the car, every jolt the walkman would pause! lol

    Q: If you could travel to any place or period of time; where would you go?
    Q: What is your favorite and least favorite chore?
    Q: Who is your favorite movie/book character and what is one trait you admire about them?

    1. Haha, yeah, that used to happen when I walked to hard. ;D

      Thank you so much for your questions! =D


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