Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Writing Wednesday #13

When God Gives You Something Back

Well, at the beginning of the month I wrote a post saying I believed that maybe God had taken my gift of writing because he intended me to do something different. Well, God gave me an answer. I was trying to write one night, and it just wasn’t really working and I felt a little nudge to go write in this story that I didn’t have anything planned in. So, following that nudge (Anyone care to guess who nudged?) and went and wrote. And Wrote. And wrote more. I have been doing amazingly well in this story! God has given me my writing back, at least for a time.
I honestly believe God was trying to make me realize that I need to stop just writing and start actually putting effort and heart into my story. Along with my faith.
For the past two months I’ve been writing pretty much meaningless story’s and I want to stop that. I think God really wanted to get ahold of me because of that.
So, I have my writing back. Like always, I wrote a poem about it which is at the end of this post.
Thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers, you do not know how much those helped me.


A battle is quieted inside my soul 
It’s over with a clocks eerie toll.
My soul finally finds its rest 
After this long and hard fought test.
The battle finally has a victor, 
And now I know what’s at my core.
I gave God back the gift he had given me
And he gave me an answer, plain to see.
My writing is here to stay 
Here for a year, or maybe just a day. 
But now it is clear to me that I should be writing 
There are battles my characters should be fighting. 
Now my own soul is finally at rest 
I can set my characters on a quest. 
I’m thanking God every day for giving me back this 
Because it is something I would greatly miss.


  1. That's great, Mikayla! :D Congrats!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is awesome Mikayla! :D :D :D

    -Hannah M

    P.S I like that poem even more than the previous one! SO beautiful!

  3. I'm glad the LORD helped you over your struggle! Amazing poem. =) I love it <3 (Friday might be free for you to call me, I'll let ya know!)

    1. Me to! Thank you! Got it, I'll keep that in mind. =D


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