Monday, December 26, 2016

Goodbye Christmas

Merry Christmas! I know it is technically a day late, but I didn't really feel like writing on Christmas day. ;)

I had a pretty awesome Christmas, which we actually celebrated on Christmas eve. We opened our stockings, then played one of worlds longest games of Life. I actually won by a tiny margin. That night we went to a candle lit service, which was probably one of the most beautiful ones I've seen. On Christmas day, we had a nice meal and then... *cough* we took down all of our decorations. I had the bad timing to get a fever (I'm telling you, ether Ceder Fever or I am going to leave Texas, and I do not intend to leave my 85 degree Christmas. Yeah, so here's hoping Ceder Fever ends soon.)

So I spent most of yesterday on my window seat reading and trying to keep cool. That night I packed up my decorations. That was no small task because my two huge shelf's full of books had been packed up during the holiday and had to be unpacked and reorganized.

And then there was a tradition's my family has had for years now. On the day after Christmas, all the girls in our house go on a huge shopping day. That was today and the term shop till you drop actually seemed to apply. I am now fully convinced that Family Christian Store is the best place for buying music, Hobby Lobby best (I knew that before, but reaffirming never hurt), and I am glad these trips only come once a year or I would be perpetually bankrupt.

 Now I saying goodbye to the holiday season with cleaning, writing to-do lists, and trying to finish up a few last minute projects before next year.

How did your Christmas go?
Did you do any after Christmas shopping?


  1. YOUR PHOTOS ARE SO AMAZING. <33 Lovely post.

    1. Aww, thank you, Hannah! I really appreciate it. <3


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