Monday, December 19, 2016

When You Fail Resalutions

Rosemary flowers. =)

This little guy was not afraid of me taking his photo. Well, just so long as I did not touch his food. ;D

Isn't this door awesome?!? =D

Alright, I'll be honest, I did horrible on my 2016 resolutions. I won't go through the long painful list of things I didn't accomplish, I'll just tell you there were a lot of them. I had goals for education, writing, physical, relationships, spiritual, and lots of random ones. And I'm telling you, one year ago, I was super excited to set down those resolutions. I was excited to promise that I would do better and that I would accomplish a lot. 

And here I am a year later with a pitiful amount of those done. I had no idea a year that so much would change in just twelve short months. I had no idea how hard this year would be, or how rewarding. Especially during the beginning of this year I went through one of the hardest times of my life so far. I was faced with some issues I had never dealt with before and a lot of things that made me rethink my motivations. Later this year I have gone through some very exciting times. Things are happening I had pretty much given up hope on. 

And you know what, all that stuff pretty much wrecked my resolutions. I failed at almost every single thing on my list, and right now, I'm okay with that. Because what I did this year were things I never would have put on my list. I learned stuff I didn't even know I needed to learn and I felt a depth of connection with God I never have felt before. Thats not something you can just do whenever you like. That was on God's list for me this year. 

So what if I did fail at my resolutions? God had something else for me in mind and I am very glad He led me, even if I did drag my feet. 

Did you fail at your resolutions?
What is the biggest thing you've learned this year?


  1. Totally true. This is awesome Mikayla! :)


  2. Love your photos, especially the swan! Recently, my sister and I were telling my dad about the book-reading goals we had put on Goodreads. She's extremely close to getting hers, while I read 15/50. Well, whatever, right? A lot of stuff happened this year. And a lot of it was good, planned or not. :)

    1. Thank you! I was really excited to get that photo. =D Yeah, stuff happens! Its awesome that you were able to read 15 books. =D What is your favorite thing you did this year? =)
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

    2. One of my favorite things to have done this year is get involved with Christian Challenge on my campus. I spent the summer near campus and got a bit of a head start in making some awesome friends. :) What about you?

    3. That's awesome! It is always a lot of fun making new friends! =D Probably my favorite thing was reaching out to some people online and making some really amazing friends. And a little less important, I wrote my first full length novel, and that was really fun. =D


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