Friday, December 23, 2016

Hearts Longing

This is some poetry I wrote this month. 

My heart longs eternally for so many things
It longs for the things I've lost
They are gone forever
Never to return
They left a yearning whole inside of me.
They are lost, gone forever
Yet my heart wants them back oh so badly
It is desperate for a way for them to return

My hear longs eternally for so many things
It longs for things I have
They seem like they are with me
But they are so far away
I can’t help but long
For them even though they are here.
I want it back to its original condition
But its already damaged

My heart longs eternally for so many things
It longs for things that I do not yet have
They are coming
I can feel it
They are beautiful things
Things that have been coming for years
And I just can’t wait till they are here.
My heart longs for so many things
It makes me wish they would hurry up and get here.

My heart longs for things it has never seen 
It wants places I’ve never been 
An ache forms when I cannot be there
I tell myself I cannot possibly care 
But my heart tells me that is not true
That we most certainly can and do

Do you long for things you've never seen?


  1. This was so beautiful, Mikayla! You're super talented at poetry - I love how you're able to put your feelings into words. Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thank you so much, Savannah! *Virtual hugs* It means a lot to me, thank you. I am blessed to have such amazing people like you around!


  2. That's beautiful, Mikayla! <33


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