Tuesday, December 6, 2016

November Highlights

Hello everyone! I posted a grand total of five times last month. Sorry about that! I let myself get distracted by NaNo, and life, then it was the weekend, and I got a cold and... yeah I've been really bad about actually posting. But, I am determined to get back to my normal posting this month.

Today I'm going to share highlights from my month. I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm just winging it. Here we go!

I got to help paint my local food pantry when it moved buildings. We covered over life's worst shade of yellow with beige. I'm not a fan of beige, but it was better then the yellow. You should have seen it, it was hideous.

This was actually a different color, this was the less hideous of the two colors we were painting over. 
Right there in the corner you can see a tiny bit of the nasty yellow.

I got evacuated from a building when the fire alarm went off. I actually found this surprisingly fun. Especially since there was no real emergency and now I can appropriately write about being ushered out of a building by a electronic voice coming over the loudspeaker saying "A state of emergency has been declared in the building, please exit immediately."

I wrote 50,000 in Flight from Kelar. That makes it my longest book ever. And I'm not even done yet!
I had my first word war. (Thank you Grace!) and I'm pretty sure that's what helped motivate me to finish NaNo.

I got myself soaking wet taking photos of dew and it was awesome. You should try it, really, its fun.

My family went to Fredricksburge, like we do every year right after Thanksgiving. I had a upset stomach and was unable to eat lunch because of it. (A horrible thing in my world) At one point when we were walking around I was honestly wondering who's nice flowers I was going to throw up into, but thankfully God spared me that. We met up with my cousins and I felt totally better after about thirty minutes with them. I'd love to think it was me going through withdraw from seeing my cousins, but my logic tells me it was the prayers that made me better. We went to see Christmas lights, and got home late, but it was an awesome day!

I got to play Capture the Flag for the first time in four years this month. Since that is one of my favorite games, it was awesome!

We are gearing up for the production of the live nativity, so I had two practices this month! This is the forth year I'll be participating, and I'm still playing an angle. Horrible miscast on their part. ;) This was the first ever year I missed dress rehearsal, but I really didn't feel guilty because we were hanging out with some really awesome people.

I was able to take a walk at a ridiculously late hour. My siblings who were on the walk to were walking ahead, and I just hung back and enjoyed the moonlight. I ended up texting a friend to, which was awesome.

We went on a beautiful hike, as seen in this post.

We got to meet up with my cousins twice after not having seen them for several years! They are an amazing band, you can find out more about them here.

From left to right, the back row: Liza, Beecher, Sarah, me, Ezra and Asa. Front row: Rose, Rebekkah and Grace.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with sevral amazing writers. We normally just talk about crazy random stuff, but this time we actually talked about writing a lot! *Lowers voice* and then we started talking about super random stuff.

I've been biking since January of last year. Meaning every once and awhile I hop on my bike and take a trek down the road for fun. Well, this month, I got down my road and... my tire went flat. I pumped it up and kept going, but it went flat again about ten minutes later. Now, I probably should have been a responsible kid and called someone to pick me up. But no, I was going to make it home so I stopped about every fifteen minutes and pumped up that tire until I got to my destination and back. It was surprisingly easy, but since my pump fell apart while I was doing it, it made it a bit harder.

Ah yes, one of the best parts of the month. I managed to find TobyMac's CD This is Not a Test on sale for super cheep. Now its on pretty much constant repeat in my room.

A grand total of nine. This actually was not great for me, but I was really happy I got that many during NaNoWriMo. 

As you can probably tell I'm rereading the Nancy Drew series.

These are some amazing posts that I read this month. Sorry there are so many, but I had trouble getting it down to just this.

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What are some of your highlights from November?


  1. I can hear a story coming with an emergency evacuation alarm, complete with eerily calm voiceover...

    1. Yeah, stay tuned for that coming in a story in the near future! Maybe I should write that in the next Mandy book. That seems like something she would get into.

  2. Sounds so fun!! :)


    1. It was a ton of fun! It was a crazy month, but I've never had so much packed into so little time in my life, it was awesome!
      Thank you for stopping by, Bernie!

  3. Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed my week review! Thank you! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. It was really fun to read! I love knowing whats going in your life!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. I love the paint color you did!!! btw, thanks for mentioning me xD

    also...not sure if it's just my computer...but your banner is messed up... :P

    1. Thanks! It looked really nice if I do say so myself. ;D It was my pleasure! It was hard not to mention more of your posts!

      No, that's not just your computer. Thank's for telling me! I'm going to go fix that. ;P


  5. that pic of the grass tho like ooohhhhh so gorgeous xD sounds like you have a busy November! thx for mentioning me, girl!! <3 :D

    1. Thank you so much! It was a super busy November! Busier then any I've ever had, but it was awesome! =D
      It was my pleasure! I had trouble picking which of your posts I wanted to mention, they were all good!

  6. Your pictures in this post are SO gorgeous! I love that grass one.... :)

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! That one was really fun to take. =D


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