Friday, June 16, 2017

A Messy Heart

I come home at night
To a messy room
It doesn’t seem as messy
As my jumbled thoughts
I can’t sort though
All the stuff tonight
I just want to escape
But I’ve escaped
For so many nights
I’m afraid I can’t
Run any longer
I have to stay
And fight the clutter
Present myself
To the Holy One
And let Him slowly
Chip away at my mess
And maybe if I face it today
Tomorrow will be easier
Maybe I can win
By fighting harder then I want to


  1. Wow! This is good... I was just kinda thinking something along these lines the other day. *high five*

    1. That's awesome! =D *High five* You and I sync up so much, it is awesome!!

  2. Love it!!!

  3. Wow, this really spoke to me. You wrote it so well!!

  4. I think I've been here.
    You're right. Running seems easier until I see what facing it later is gonna look like.
    I like the way you put this.


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