Monday, June 5, 2017

May Highlights

Hey everyone! My May was just packed. The first eleven days of the month, I was on vacation. If you want to see the highlights from the trip, you can see them here. I'm afraid there are to many to share here. 

So here we go!

We went to San Antonio for the day. That was super cool cause we got to walk around and just have fun. I got a lot of photos and some of them were in my accidental photo dump post. Oups.

I revived my prizes for participating in Tricia Mingerink's release. That was pretty awesome. Not only do I now have the whole set of books, but I also have a small map of the fictional country its set in!

I helped my sister, Sarah, repaint her room. Since Rose is getting married and moving out next month, we wanted the room to be all nice and settled way in advance. 

Went singing in the rain with Rebekkah. We probably didn't hit one key right, but we had an awesome time.

I got to try out a photo booth for the first time, and a second! My sister and I did it, then me and my siblings found another and did it. We had a blast. 

I got to beta read Exiles by Jaye L. Knight. That was awesome, except now I want the next book and I have to wait a long time for it. 

I found a booked a photogerpher for my sisters wedding. It was really a God thing, because we don't have a high budget, but God provided someone willing to do it!!

I saw a movie being filmed. That was kinda fun. They were filming a bank robbery, so they had a fake machine gun going off and stuff. I would never got see the film, but it was fun to watch for a bit.

I had a really good book month! The lowest rating I gave was three and a half stars, and the book was still pretty good. 
I discovered four new five star books, which is just unheard of me doing in a month. But it happened with Brothers-In-Arms, Gift from the Storm, Exiles, and Screwtape Letters. 

Eighteen Pen and Ink

Strangers Twilight to Dawn

Fifth out of Eleven Fifth out of Ten

I Don't Have it Together Author of my Hope

My Bullet Journal The Introverted Extrovert

What Few Ever Know Lakeside Publications 

Spring Rain & Be The Change A Purpose and a Promise

How was your May?


  1. Sounds like a good month! Are you excited for your sister to be getting married?

    1. It was a really good month! Yes, I am super excited!!c


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