Monday, June 19, 2017

Stop a Moment and Be an Explorer

We were driving home from seeing a friend last Sunday, just my sister Sarah and I. All the sudden she pulled off into a little abandoned town.
"I thought you'd like to take pictures" She smiled. 
A mimosa tree bloomed over the old building. The whole place had an a air of peace. We quickly got back in the car and headed home, the 'no trespassing' signs keeping us from doing anything more then take pictures. 

Out the window, pink flared in the sky. I ran down to the end of the road, and my flip flops broke. My friend offered to drive me to a better place for pictures, So I hoped in the car with my camera and no shoes. It felt good on those country roads, with pink sky's above me.
We chased the sunset till it disappeared, then came home in the dark. 

We drove along, Rose and I. The clouds are light and fluffy. She slows down so I can get a picture of it with my gold nail polish.

A titmouse sat in our bush. We were already late that morning. I yanked out my camera and managed to grab a few pictures before I ran out the door. I was the last one in the car, but my family didn't mind. 

I tried on my pink dress, its for my sisters wedding. I had tons of things to do, but I stopped, and my sister captured its twirl for me. 

Slow down and explore the things around you; it doesn't take long. These have become some of my favorite moments from the past month. 

Stop a moment, be an explorer. 

Tell me about something you got to explore this month, please!


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