Monday, June 12, 2017

Story Bits

I would love to be able to tell you that I have been super productive this week. Unfortunately the best I can tell you is that I had one day where I worked really hard. I did manage to finish a novella I've been working on for a couple months now, which I was really excited about. So here's a bit from it, please forgive its unedited state. Its called "What I've Become."

Jerold's hands shook as he reached out for the door to the academy.

He would be just like his dad. Maybe it was better he didn’t talk to anyone. If he didn’t get close to anyone, he couldn’t hurt them. He wouldn’t do that to another person.

He slipped through the lobby as quietly as he could. Students filled the halls and he wished he could keep his cap. He felt so much safer when he could pull it over his face. But it was tucked in his pocket, and would remain there until he went outside again. Jerold fingered it, staring at his shoes instead of the students. If he looked at them, would they be able to see the fear in his eyes?


Olivia paused in the doorway, her fizzled curls draping across her shoulders, a casual dress on, almost giving her the air of an innocent child. Until he met her eyes. They were troubled, deep pools of the pain she had endured, speaking when she was unable to do so. They flickered with worry now.

“What’s the matter?” Jerold asked, bracing himself.

Her eyes searched his, and her hand motioned to him.

He sighed “No, nothing’s wrong with me. I just had a bit of a rough start to my day.” He resisted the urge to rub his still aching ribs.

Olivia’s demeanor relaxed some, but her eyes still held a question.

Jerold pulled his cap off and shrugged out of his coat “It was just a kid who thought he could predict my future.”

Olivia’s hand rested on his arm, he glanced down at her. She rarely touched him. Her eyes pleaded with him.

He wanted to jerk away, to get away from her so he couldn’t get mad at her. Couldn’t possible hurt her. But she was so tender in her silent request he could not deny her.
"He said I was going to be like dad."

What do you think?


  1. This is really cool it makes the story sound so interesting!!

  2. You're making me want to read this story. This is intense.

    1. Well, as soon as I get it edited, I'll send it over to you. =)


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