Monday, September 4, 2017

August Highlights

August was pretty amazing! Below are my highlights, but I've left off highlights from my trip to Washington, because those are going to be done in others posts. 

I read three and a half books in one day. Two were short books. 
I edited What I've Become, which was my camp project this April. Now my sister pointed out a few things that I need to go fix, and then it will be as perfect as its going to get. I also did the second edit of Flight from Kelar. This book is my November NaNo project and I have been working on it for what seems like forever. I still have one pretty major edit in which I need to fix the spiritual side. I felt like it came out really weak so far.

I played laser tag with my siblings. That was pretty fun.

We have a stay cat who adopted us and is extremely creepy. This cat looks in our windows all the time, stares at me while I'm doing things. Notice I said he stares at me. Only me. We have named this cat Tux because of how its colored, and I'm pretty sure its plotting something against me. I love cats, but this one... ;) 

We survived Hurricane Harvey! We got a lot of rain here, and it delayed a couple things, but that's it. My mom is working in the call center of Austen Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) to help the victims. So, sometimes I'm going into work with her, which is always fun.

I got to go see the movie Leap with my sister Grace, which was really cute. 

My sister and I got a brand new shelf for our room, and when I'm done organizing it will leave more room for books. Pretty cool, right?

And of coarse one whole week of my month was taken up with an amazing, awesome trip where I got to fly for the first time! 

The best book of the month was Gestern by Grace Pennington, but Through the Tunnel and The Girl Who Could See came very close! My least favorite was probably City on our Knees, it wasn't a bad book, but dozens of tiny story's in one book is a style I find very annoying. 

Guys, I cannot tell you how hard it was to choose blog posts this month. Apparently everyone was just ultra inspired, because the posts were amazing!! 

We Are and Safe Burning Youth

The Epic Journey The Left-handed Typist 

God In Fantasy Fiction Adventure Awaits

How We See Ourselves Twilight to Dawn 

Choose to Believe [or not] Letters to Jayna 

Back Home  and Incomplete Summer of 1999

Not Based, Just Placed A Purpose and a Promise

August was amazing. I was so glad that I got to do all that I did! 

How was your August? 

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