Friday, September 8, 2017

The World vrs You

In a world that is going everywhere
You stayed with me
In a world told me to be quiet
You let me talk
When the world told me to hold it in
You let me cry
When they told me to push through
You let me stop for a moment
In a world full of selfishness
You always cared more about me
When no one would share with me
You spilled your heart to me
In a world that said I was too young
You said I was brave enough
In a world that told me to let go
You taught me to hold on
When they said I needed to stand on my own
You told me to hold to God
In a world of halfhearted friends
You shared your whole heart
In a world full of people who don’t care
 You were always there for me
To the world you are just one person
But to this person, you are the world

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