Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Danger in the Distance

Hello everyone! I thought you might like to hear an update on my NaNo progress. To those of you who don't know what NaNo is this probably wont interest you. :)
I have been keeping just on seclude all month long. I had all these great plans to write 2.000 words each day but somehow i always manage to do about 2.000 words one day then the next do about 600. :P But hay, I proud of myself for making it this far, near the first week of November I was thinking of quitting because it was so hard but with a lot of encuagment from siblings I've stuck it out. :) I'm actully writing two books for NaNo because I find it very hard to write even 30.000 in a book so 50.000 was daunting. Last night I finished up my fourth book! Danger in the Distance is now a complete novella of 18.001 words. :) Robin of the Hood is now in full swing at 12.000 words. :) I loved Danger in the Distance (Which by the way is in the midst of it third name change. :D) My main character, Karen, was a very quite girl who stuglles though a lot in the midst of World War II. I especially found it sad to watch my characters grow up, they we're all such wonderful kids I loved it but the end of the book called for adults and the ending of the war so I gave it to them. The main thing I learned from writing this book? That God will hold you in the midst of all the confusion and destruction around you. In saying that I would like to share with my favorite part of the book. :)

 Bombs went off all around Karen, she ran desperately towards the shelter where her parents and Amélie were. The people she held most dear in her heart were there, but no matter how fast she ran she couldn’t reach to door to the shelter were they stood. The bombs continued to go off, finally Karen tripped, falling in the middle of the road, she tried to push herself up but she didn’t have the strength. So she lay there, helpless and worn, watching the bombs go off around her, wondering if the next one would hit her. Then a man came out of nowhere, he wasn’t a large man, but he picked her up like she was a feather and instead of going into the shelter he just stood, in the midst of all the chaos and confusion holding Karen close to him. She looked into his eyes and a peace like nothing she had never felt washed over her, his face was not that abnormal to look at but it held such love and peace in it that it looked like it would overflow. Then his voice came quiet and soft, in the midst of all the noise:
“My shelter is not the worlds I will give you an everlasting peace that the world will not be able to penetrate. When you need shelter I will give it to you. When you need peace I will give you peace. When you need help I will help you. I know the plans I have for you Karen, to prosper not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. Keep your eyes on me and you will be able to do the impossible.”

Then he smiled the biggest smile Karen had ever seen. Still the bombs went off around the two but it no longer seemed to matter as much to Karen.

All of this is copyrighted Mikayla H. 2013. :D Thank you! 

I hope you enjoyed this bit of my book and the update!

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