Friday, November 22, 2013

New design,

Hello everyone! Since I know you are all sitting at your computer awaiting my next post I decided to tell you something excited. :D Brittney Johnson is going to redo my blog design for me. :D Go check out here designing blog! I'm really looking forward to the new design!


  1. I don't know if the blog designing is completely done, but what I see now is awesome! =) I love it! I also like the subtitle of your blog; very nice. I enjoy your posts; keep on writing! =) (ps. Thanks for following all of my blogs. It means a lot!)

  2. Okay first THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING!!!!! :D I was beginging to think no one looked at my blog. :P
    Its not finished, and actually it didn't really work out with the girl who was doing to so what you see is how its going to be. :P Thanks, I came up with it myself. :)
    I love your blogs.


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