Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hello everyone I just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Its been awesome here at our house, we had a very big lunch then shared what we were thankful for which was so nice because it really reminded me that with all my faults and my problems I have SO much to be thankful for, like all the posts I've been doing this month, but here are a few more things I thought of today.

For Parents and siblings who let me be me, dress in my own style, be the loudmoth I am, let me write at all hours of the day, let me have my own opoiaons on things, like my own type of music, spend tons of time on printrest when we go to the libray because it inspires me to write and who let me talk there ears off.

For Rebekkah not minding me repeat the same thing for the fifth time, letting me repeat songs about a millian songs, letting me sing in an untuned voice, let me stay up to eleven at night to write for NaNo, for giveing me a lot of snuggles, for always telling me I can do it no matter what it is, for helping me to dream outside of the "possible", For always putting up with my fashanitas and for never getting tiard of my book plots and seeing the same photos over and over. For helping me come up with so much of my book plots and for being the best friend in the world.

For Sarah for being my NaNo buddy, for helping me every day to keep my temper under control, for also telling me I can do anything, for being a writey purson, for having cute curls and for always being there for me when I need a hug, sholder to cry on and understanding heart. And for letting me use her camra 27 hours of the day.

For Grace for bringing me intertantment, for have Chuck, Joque and Arfy to make me smile. For helping me write and listaining to lots and lots of book plots also for speneding over six months plotting out a book with me and planing on writing it with me and For loving my characters as much as I do.

For Micheal for being the best brother a girl could ask for and even throughout Collage and studying has always found time to spend with us and make us smile.

For Rose for being the better Sunshine then any one else in the world and listaining to my plots, looking at photos and helping with endless crafts. Also for her tasty cookies.

For my parents, listaning to me, encuaging me, helping me relise when I was wrong, telling me what I'm doing right. For always having time for me and encuragiing me in what I want to do and for setting high goals for us.

For my friends, writing me emails and letters. For simply taking interest in me.

For if you actaully read this whole post.  If you did: your awesome random person.  :D

For colors of spring and fall.

For being able to make a joyful noise to the Lord because he dosen't mind if its offtune or not.

For having the most awesome life EVER and also the best siblings, parents and friends EVER.

For uplifting music like Speak Life by Toby Mac and music by Cloie, Newsboys and Josh Groben.

What are you thankful for this year?

Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving everyone! I'm going to go get writing in The Son of Robin Hood, Saturday is the end of NaNo! AH!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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