Monday, July 7, 2014

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #3

Hey, I was going to be really awesome and show you around my room today, but I went into the post and discovered that I had not uploaded the correct photos and I can't do upload photos at home! I'm sorry! So today you will just have to make due with random photos that I uploaded awhile back. *Apologetic smile* I will attempt to get those photos as quickly as possible. =/ 
I just want to say thank you to all who commented, it made me EXTREMELY happy! =D

This is how my kitten, Tothless, sleeps most of the time. Isn't it adorable? =D

We picked a lot of wild blackberry's. 

This is one of my favorite water shots. 

I can't remember if me of my brother took this.... =)

My mom loves dasiys. =)

You've probably seen a lot of photos like this on my blog, sorry, I just love them. =) 

A branch that grew right over a wire. =) 

A white Indian paint brush, there rare. =)
I hope you enjoyed this! Sorry I couldn't show you my room. =P 
You are all awesome! 


  1. Ooh! Blackberries! Yum! I love those! How did a tree grow into a wire?! That's neat. :) Wow, those are nice picture! :D I think it's fun commenting, I know what it's like then people comment in my blog and I really like it! :D
    In Jesus' name,
    Sarah Margaret

    1. Its actually kinda funny, I hate eating blackberrys but I love picking them. =D A tree grew over a wire. It happens a lot when you put a fence up near a tree or brush. =)

    2. I love blackberries! :D Actually, I think the ones that we have growing in our yard are blackcaps, but we just call them blackberries. I love those anyways! ;) Ohh. :D

    3. Okay, since ours are wild there technacly called Dewberrys but no one calls them that. =)

  2. You should come up here... there are tons of wild Indian Paintbrush! They grow everywhere... they are so pretty. =) Thanks for posting!

    1. Oh we have TONS of paintbrush, its just that white ones are unusual. =D I'll try to get up there eventually anyway. =D

    2. I meant to say white Indian Paintbrush.. not wild =P Unfortunately, lots of them are getting ripped out for new houses =(


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