Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey Everyone! I'm surprisingly perky for it being morning. Enjoy it while it lasts, please. ;) I could have waited to post about this until Monday but I was just so excited. 
After one month of crash writing, eight months of editing, 68 pages, 22.261 words and about a million pep talks from friends I have finally finished the book! =D
Okay, so I'm supper pumped about that because this book has taken me SO long to get through. If you want to read it and do not have a copy sitting in your inbox just comment below and I would be more then happy to send it to you! I do have to tell you though, its not a work of art. =) 
I'm going to take the weekend off of writing but then on Monday I'll tell you what I'm going to work on next (Or you might already know, I really haven't kept it a secret.). 
Thank you everyone for being such an encouragement! 

And since I always have extra photos to share... =)

Peach blossom 

I LOVE dandelions.

Web in the grass...

Apple blossom

I like acorns for some reason. =)

Thank you for reading this! 


  1. I'll love to read your book!
    Could you send me a copy.
    Thanks, Deborah

    1. It's in your inbox! I hope you enjoy it! =D

  2. YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I am so happy for you!!!!! You just completed something that I have never done before!!! Congratulations Mikayla!!!! Whoop!!! =D

    Ps. I love the pictures!! Hehe. Especially the dandelions, the web in the grass, and the acorn. It looks like a mini birdhouse!!

    1. Thank you Jessica!! =D I'm just a bit excited about this to! ;D You've never finished a book before? =)

      Thank you. =) Thats what I thought! Well, ether that of a little fairy house. ;D

    2. Yes, I've FINISHED a book, but I've never actually finished editing it. LOL

    3. Well, I'm sure you'll do it soon enough. =) Mines a very short book, I don't think it took as much as a real sized book. =)

  3. Hey Mikayla! I nominated you for the Liebster award! You can look at it here:
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. Thank you Sarah! I'll get around to that as soon as I can! =D


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