Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Interveiw with Mandy

Hey this is Amanda McMullen, but I go by Mandy. Mikayla is coming down with a cold so she asked if I would write a post for her and introduce myself to ya’ll and since I love meeting new people this was a no brainier. I’m going to start off the introduction by telling you Rebekkah (Mikayla’s older sister) thinks that Mikayla just made me up for one of her books. As if anyone believes her. To prove it here’s a picture of me:

Via Pintrest
See, perfectly real.
Anyway, on to the real introduction. I’m fifteen, I love reading, I have a collection of semi awesome jackets, the leather ones are my favorite. Ever since my mom died when I was ten I’ve gone to boarding school in South Carolina, that’s pretty cool.
I only have one sister, Aubrey, who is three years older than me. I would introduce you to her but she’s on *sigh* another trip around the world, she’s a bit of an odd ball.
My dad is an international agent for his firm so he travels a lot, so most of the time I only get to see him and Aubrey once a year at Christmas. All the other Holidays I spend with my roommate, Corry’s, family. I don’t mind so much but I do miss my family.
Don’t get me wrong, my life’s not one big sob story or something, if I had the choice I would not change a single detail of my life, even my mom dyeing because I know it’s all happening for some reason.
What’s my story about? Well, as Mikayla will tell you I’m not much of an adventurist
Mikayla: Believe me she’s not
See, but on my way back to the boarding school from a bike ride I happened upon a man being mugged in an ally I managed to scare off the mugger and the muggy, a guy in his mid-twenty’s (Who told me his name was Matt), passed out and I got so scared I ran away. But by time I got back to my boarding school I was semi calm again and I managed to tell my whole story to the principle, who in turn took me to the police where I had to repeat the whole story.
A week later they still hadn't found any trace of the mugger or Matt even after a careful search of the place. But then it happened. I got kidnapped. It turns out something more was going on that night then I thought. Well, I won’t ruin anymore for you. You’ll just have to wait until Mikayla is done writing the story for me, for while I’m a great reader I don’t write very much. Not to mention I’ve got a lot of tests coming up.
Goodness knows when Mikayla will be done with it though. She’s a VERY slow writer and never seems to get any project done in a timely manner. *Sigh* And my book seems to have been shoved aside for some menial editing. Ha. Like that's nearly as fun as writing.
Well, I had better be going. Thank you all for having me!

-Mandy McMullen-

P.S. Would ya'll like to see any more interviews with me or my friends? 


  1. Hurry up and write it, Mikayla. :) You have me hanging!

    You are a very wonderful author. I cannot wait to see where your writing takes you in life.

    I love making up characters as well. Call me weird (well, weird is an understatement), but I have made up characters in my head that have adventures. I have had an ongoing sibling group that has adventures in my head for *cough cough* the past year. Okay its ok to call me weird. :)

  2. Its going to be my NaNoWriMo novel this November so hopfully you'll be able to read it then. =D

    Thank you so much Ty. =D

    Its not weird, that's normal. =) I have all sorts of things like that, I've got a character for every occasion, Mandy is who I like to think about as I go to sleep. =D

  3. Haha! I LOVE it! At first I didn't realize that it was a character but then I got to the part about what Rebekkah had said and the boarding school and then it clicked! Haha! Wow. No. I need this book. NOW. You can not do this to me!!! *sobs* *sighs*

    Okay. The End. ;)

    1. Thank you Jessica! =D I knew you would pick up on it, I've asked you to many questions about SC for you not to. =D Okay, I'll get working one it. I will probably be writing it by the end of the month. =) Don't cry, Robin Hood is almost done and that can tide you over until I get you this book. =) Thank you so much for commenting Jessica! =D

  4. Write more! :D It was nice to "meet" your sister! ;) Sure! Do some more interviews! They are fun!! :D
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. I'll try to get it done soon. =) Mandy's not my sister, shes a book character of mine. =) Okay, I'll do some more interveiws. =D


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