Monday, July 21, 2014

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #5

'Ello! I'm glad you could stop by today. =) First I'll start out by giving you a little bit of s update. 
I guess not a lot has happened; now that I'm done with Robin Hood I'm dedicating a lot more time to my Camp NaNo book, which I'm really enjoying because its just a for-fun book. =) 
 Also, if you could add us into your prayers that would be nice. Yesterday we went to help a friend move and we were snubbed and we don't know why. Kinda silly but I'm still hurt about it. Of coarse when I got home and was filliping through my bible I found every verse about loving people despite what they do to you, God has such an annoying way of telling you exactly what you need to know. ;) 
Today I'm going to share the rest of my room with you, I'm sorry for the grade of photos, I took them in about five minutes so I could get them uploaded on time to show you. =P I hope you enjoy it anyway! =) Oh and by the way, I share the room with my sister Rebekkah who is two years older then me, a denim and leather kind of girl and still completely awesome despite that fact. =D

Entering our room, I guess you can't really see it but on the door there is a sign that says "Caution: May Contain Nuts." =) 

My pretty shelf, with my plants. =) 

This may seem like a weird mix but Rebekkah and I love fancy glasses and this was the only place they fit.

My jewelry box and a lot of miscalculates stuff for decoration. =)

My friend wall, my favorite part of my room. =D I put pictures up of most of my friends, don't take it pursanlly if your not up there, it probably just means I haven't had a chance to print out a photo of you yet. =) 

Rebekkah's and my three favorite verses, Romans 8: 28-29 John 3: 16 and the fruts of the spirt. =) 

My little side of the book shelf. The M, is for holding notes and dad gave me the poster for Valentines day because he said it looked just like me. =D

My signed picture from an astronaut, Orian badge and Nasa charm

The bookshelf!!!!!! =D

My three... =) 

Fun stuff on top of the bookself. =) 

I made a boat in a bottle... =) 

My mom got me a sand castle. =)


I got this at the Purple Store in San Antonio, it actually fits me really well. =D
Our clost. =) 

Fun shelf. =)

The dresser and hair station. =)

Me. ;) 

My 'Pintrest' board for at home, they really are pintrest photos I just printer of and made into a cologe. =)

I really love quotes.

This is a disk I guess you could call it that Rebekkah and I cut off from our only Pine Tree when it died.

Our bed, the bottum one is mine. =)

I just got a kit for window art, you can see how its working out. =P

Our view. 

The view from my desk. =)

Our lightswitch doesn't work so we have a fun lantern like thing. =)

More quotes. =)

MY NANCY DREWS!!!!!! Oh yea, and all Rebekkahs candy gars that she collects and our tea cups. =) 

I collect quock gars. =)

I suddenly reallized near the end of this shoot that my kitten had been in there the whole time. =D

This is Rebekkahs desk, its a bit messy at the moment. =)

This is Rebekkahs, belive me if I had my way it would not be in here. =P 

I like little stick on things. =)

My plug, it makes me smile. =)

A view of my desk from my bed. Taken when I crashed after a LONG day. =P 
I hope you enjoyed these! Is there anything you want to see more of on my blog or around my room?


  1. Ooh... I love the saddle! I still can't believe that anyone could not like horses... LOL.

    1. Yea, so does Rebekkah. =P Believe it, horses are nothing but a big pain to me. We owned one once, that made my distaste grow into a firm hatred. =)

  2. I awarded you on my blog! :D Also, check out my giveaway ending in 2 days!

  3. Hey, I am still alive, actually. I read this post when you first published it and I never got around to commenting. Ho Hum. Anywho, I love these pictures of your room! I love your room. So cute. =) I could go on about everything that I liked but sense I'm so late in commenting I'll save you the bore. Toodlelo!


    1. That's okay Jessica, I'm not a worrier, I figured you were still alive. =) Though I did miss your comments. Aww, to bad, I like knowing what you liked. Oh well. =(


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