Monday, July 14, 2014

My life (in as many posts as its takes) #4

Hey everyone! Its been quite a weekend, with my sister Grace's birthday on Friday, volunteering at the pantry on Saturday and reading three (kinda short) books yesterday and today I'm sitting at the Hospital where my sister Rose volunteers, spending the day hanging out. =)
To be honest I'm exhausted so this isn't going to be a long post. But I will tell you I'm halfway through CampNaNoWriMo with 5.000 of a short story, now I'm winding down twords the big fanally. =) I'm ten pages away from the end of Robin Hood and its like trying to go against the current to get it done. =P 
Anyway, I promised pictures of my room (I'll be getting some better general photos next week), so today I'll show you my desk, my favorite part of my room. =) 

The view you get as you walk into the room. (The bottum bunk is mine. 

My desk. =D 
Pretend that this picture and the one above it are joined and there not sideways and you've got a good veiw of inside my desk. ;D 

My Paper fashions, held up my magnets covered in pennys. =) I've got a thing for shiny pennys... =D\
More paper fasions.
My "Typewriter that holds my notes. =)


Random magnet. =)

A list of my favorite words. =)

A mini glob I have.

My favorite Nancy Drew cover

Mini Texan licence plate. =)

I have tiny gars filled with glitter that I strung onto my desk. =D

My to-do list, well, one of them anyway. ;D
Rebekkah got me these figurines to repersint one of my book characters and her dog. =)

My coaster. can you tell I like words? ;D

A mini bird cage with a fake bird.

This photo does no justice to this painting. I love it. =D

My favorite verse. =)

I love plants. 

My doll, Lisa, I use her to display my sewing. =)

My magic marbless, there so fun to play with. =D

Don't you just love the little turtles? =D And as an extra big bonas its from South Carolina, which is where one of my book characters lives and also where a really good friend of mine lives. =) I hope to go there someday. =)

My treasure trove.

I love rocks. =D

A mini Liberty bell I got in Philadelphia, its also a pencil sharpener. =)

A little ice skater that have magnets to keep it moving. =)

I hope you enjoyed this! See you next week! =D 


  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting Mikayla! I have been really busy! :D Ooooh! I LOVE your desk!!! Your decorations are so cute! :D I love the little typewriter! :D I love seeing pictures!
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. That's okay. =) Thank you so much, I have a lot of fun decorating my room. =D I like showing you pictures. =)

    2. Yeah, its fun do decorate! I love changing things! :D

  2. I LOVE YOUR ROOM!! Your desk, all your little nick-nakes, the WORDS!!!! *sigh* I could never decided what I liked best! I am really liking these posts. =) <3

    By the merry way, I nominated you on my blog. You can see the post at:

    (Which, I already know that you've seen it, so here I am being formal again! ;)

    Love ya, Texas Friend!

    ~Your South Carolina Friend =)

    1. Aww, thank you so much. =D It's kinda hard shareing a room sometimes simply because of the clashing decorating ideas but I've really tryed to make it work. =) Thank you, I hope you'll like the ones I have planed. =)

      I saw that, I'm going to do a post on it soon. =D There's that word again. Formal. *shivers.* ;)

      I love you to! =D


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