Friday, May 22, 2015

Food For Thought #17

My friend Lauren put this Libester Award up on her blog for anyone to do. Usually I don't do tags on my Friday posts but this one was so spiritually based, I thought it would make a good thought post. =)

1. What is your testimony?
When I was eight, we were about to host a baptism at our house and seeing everyone so excited about it made me feel left out. I saw how much it meant to them to be a Christian, so I thought about it for a while and wanted to be one as well. While that’s when I became a Christian, I feel like I started actually trying to be more Christ like after reading “Treasures of the Snow” for the first time. This book inspired me about overcoming the everyday problems that each child faces.
2. What is one circumstance God has used to draw you closer to Him?
In 2009 my family left the church we had been going to for quite a few years. It was a very painful experience but over the years that one event has thought me lessons in Forgiveness and that I don’t have to be in a church to draw near to him. It really gave me the grounding for developing my own relationship with God.
3. What are two ways God has blessed you in the past week?
He had me meet a girl at a conference who lives in Texas who really blessed me with her conversation. He also allowed me to meet some of my favorite authors.
4. What are some books that have helped you grow spiritually?
I assume you mean apart from the Bible so; Treasures of the Snow, Rainbow Garden, A Chance to Die and a biography on Eric Liddle. 
5. What are your standards for the books you read, movies you watch, etc.?
I really find this a very hard question to answer because some of it has to do with the book/movie. Mainly I get all my reading/watching material from my sister Sarah, so I don’t even have to worry about what I’m reading.  
6. What are some scriptures that have gotten you through hard times?
“The Sovern Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces.” And Romans 8:38-39
7. What advice would you give to someone who is looking up to you?
Learn from my mistakes, and don’t make them yourself. 
8. What are your standards for close friendships?
That we both know the Lord. I really can’t poor my heart out to someone who doesn’t, even though I do feel comfortable talking with non-believers. That they be willing to stick with me, no matter what. That we both give to the relationship. I can’t have a close relationship with anyone who doesn’t give some. And lastly that they understand we are both flawed and be willing to forgive and ask forgiveness alike.
9. What is some helpful advice someone's given you?
To not be intimidated about how many people are entering a contest, simply enter, and trust that God will do what is best.
10. What is something the Lord has been teaching you lately?
             That being “Me” isn’t nearly as important as being who he wants me to be. 
11. Do you like Oreos dipped in milk? (A lighter question, since the others were more serious and this is a silly post.)
Haha, actually I prefer putting the Oreo in my mouth and then taking a drink of milk. ;D
I tag Micaiah, Bethany, Ashley, Julia and Lauren for the above questions.

If you would like to do this tag, feel welcome to!



  1. These are awesome questions :) I'll see if I can get around to answering them here soon :)
    Thanks for the nomination!

    1. I can't wait to see your post! Thanks! =D

  2. Woo hoo, you did it! Thank you! Loved your answers, thank you!!

    1. I loved doing it! Thanks for nominating me!

  3. Thanks for the tag, Mikayla! I'll be sure to do this. :) Good answers too! Treasures of the Snow was good, I agree! I didn't really like it *while* I was reading it, but as I look back on it now I realize it was a lot better book than I gave it credit for at the time! ;) It's a good story on forgiveness. :)

    One of the ways God has blessed me this week would be that I lost $5, and it was just found today! ;) :D



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