Monday, May 11, 2015

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #44

Hello everyone! I've just had a very busy week so its nice to be going into a slower one. =) Okay, so for the past two-three weeks I've felt very uninspired for blog posts so throughout this post there will be little polls. If you would comment with your responses I would be VERY VERY grateful. I'm a little desperate for post ideas. =P 

There are a lot of photos, so good luck with getting to the bottom! =D 

I was given a rose at the last day of co-op. =) (I also got a little obsessed with taking photos of it. ;D) 


My Life posts. 

What would you like to see more of?

A. Photos from around my house/land.

B. Less photos of things 

C. More writing about different things in my life 

D. Write your own answer 

E. Books/Media that I like.

(Your welcome to do D. along with another answer)

*Happy sigh* Green grass. =) 

My sister grew the little strawberry herself. =) 

Back to the rose. ;D

Writing Wednesday

What would you like to see more of in WW? 

A. Writing Advice 

B. Writing excerpts 

C. More Poems 

D. Character Interviews

E. Write in a subjection. 

My glitter gars. =D I had a lot more photos of them, but the lighting was really bad. =P 

A new doll dress I made. =) 

Loved this one. =) 

I know this one makes the rose look very dark but I ended up really liking it. =) 

My rose and typewriter!! 

Yes, I know, I got a lot of the rose and typewriter together. ;D

Food For Thought 

What would you like to see more of for FFT? 

A. Verses. 

B. Struggles I've had.

C. Guest Posts. 

D. Write your own suggestion.

Blurry, but Luke was so cute doing that cat pose. ;D

Sunstream. =) 

I was rather proud of my polyana. =) 

I was trying to catch my bow from the fround but obviasly I need help aiming the selfie setting. Oh well, it turned out alright anyway. =) 

The pound! =D

Sarah, the only one in our family who knows how to play piano. =) 

These are some quotes I made from a tutorial at Jessica Blog.

Thank you so much for reading. Please comment with your ansrews! 


  1. I absolutely love all these pictures!

  2. My Life:






    How's that? :) AWESOME pics, btw... I'm so jealous of your grass pics. ;) The rose was SO pretty, and so was the dress you made! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much! Thats awesome! =D You take awsome grass pictures!! =D Thank you! Your awesome!

  3. I love the pictures! Oh, and the rose and the typewriter! *swoons* ;)

    We used to have little strawberry plants that gave off little strawberries like that! We bought a big basket of strawberries on Saturday and mom was going to try and make jam but we ate them all up by Monday! haha

    Oh! I looooovvve that doll dress!! Can you please make all of these clothes real-life size so I can wear them? ;D

    I love your hair; so gorgeous! And I have more selfies of my nose than I could count because I forgot to zoom the camera out! haha XD

    Love ya, Sunshine! =) <3

    Your Life - A,E
    WW - A,C,D
    FFT - A,B,C

    1. Aww, thanks! I actually was thinking of you when I took those photos. =D

      Haha, yeah, little ones are really good for suger dipping. =D

      Haha, I'll see what I can do. ;D

      Yeahhh, that happens to me to. It took me about twenty photos to get the one I posted. ;D

      Thank you so much!!!

  4. Writing: A and B and writing tips
    Life: C and more tips/tutorials
    fft: A and B

    Awesome photos of the rose! How is writing going? I'm working on editing! So far, so good!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm beginning to get some really good ideas for posts! =D

      Thanks! =D Writing is going pretty well, I finished editing my CampNaNo book, now I'm on a short break while I'm trying to decide which of my books to write next. =)

      Keep up your great writing!

  5. Answers!

    My Life Posts:
    C and E

    Writing Wednesday:
    Character interviews

    Food for Thought:
    Struggles you've had

    I hope that helps!


    P.S. I'm finally back from vacation! Yay! I'm happy to be back home. ;) I'll try to email you back tomorrow! :D

    1. Thank you so much! =D

      I'm so glad your back!! =D


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