Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Writing Wednesday #8

In which I will not rant about Camp NaNo.

Well, here I am once again to tell you about my writing. I'm sorry if this post is rather incoherent, I still have a cold and I don't feel like I'm writing very well. 

On Thursday, I finished Camp NaNo with a completed novella, now I'm editing it. Ah the joys of spelling errors, misplaced commas, and missed up characters. 

So, instead of going on and on about all this, I've got  a poem to share with you that is "Once A Princess, But Never Again" in poem form. =) 

There was a princess, she stood with her head held high
But she was very grieved, you could see it in her eye
She seemed to shine as brightly as the sun, 
But she was weak, even though she admitted it to no one 
Only if you looked, could you see the signs 
Of the great weight on her shoulders, even though it didn't give her lines
But she was a very strong girl 
And she was as precious a pearl 
She knew she could do anything through Him who reigned in heaven
And through him, she could keep things in line twenty four seven. 
He ruled the whole universe  
And she only an earthly place, though she was none the worse. 
It seemed to bring her closer to Him, 
To rule and entire kingdom.
So she held up her head, very high 
Because she was precious in God’s eye. 

I will do a better post on writing on the 20'th. Thanks for being patient while I get over my cold! 


  1. Awesome!! Looking forward to reading it. ugh. I feel your pain, going through a cold over here as well. *sneeze* *sniff, sniff* lol. Hope you feel better soon! <3

    1. Thanks, I'm looking forward to writing a more conhearent post. ;D Aww, sorry! I hope you get better soon!

  2. Super cool poem, Mikayla! And good luck on your editing!


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