Friday, August 28, 2015

Food for Thought #31

Failure is not the end.

Today I was very sadden to read about a girl who thought she was a failure. She thought she had failed because she had let her thoughts wander, because she wasn’t always kind, because she wasn’t a perfect sister, and because she wasn’t doing everything right. 
This isn’t failure, these are things you have to work on every day of your life. 
If you go through life thinking you are a failure, that’s what you’ll be. Failure is more of a choice than anything. If I write a book, and it turns out horribly, I can choose for that book to be a failure, or I can choose that I’m not going to let it be a failure and decided to work on it more. 
We’re all flawed, every single one of us. We are all going to fail sometimes, but it’s your decision whether you decide to be defeated, or us that as a starting point to trying again. 

I found a quote online that fit this perfectly 

Failure is proof that your trying.

Here’s a poem I wrote up for the occasion:

I fail at everything, or so it seems 
Even though I tried to do as they deemed. 
I work all day trying to correct my faults 
But then I do something wrong and everything halts. 
I feel I cannot take another failure 
For I have not relied on my savoir. 
It weighs me down like a thousand pounds 
And I begin to think there are no ups, only downs. 
But then a bright light, like a star 
Shines towards me from afar. 
It’s not a natural light at all, 
But rather something supernatural 
It’s the light of God’s love, shining in my dark 
Lighting in me a tiny spark. 
It’s a spark of hope, of love, of grace 
Shining bright into my face. 
The dim light of hope will gown 
As I learn to live and know, 
That no matter how bad I fail
God’s love for me will never pale.  



  1. Good thoughts, Mikayla! :) "Failure is proof you're trying." So true!!


  2. Hi! You were nominated for an award on my blog! :)

    Allie D.

  3. Hey, thanks, Mikayla! Your thoughts and poem really inspired me:)

    1. Your welcome! I am so glad!!


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