Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Writing Wednesday #15

In which I share a piece of my writing.

Well, I've been doing alright with writing. I am halfway through the book! I'm defiantly excited to be on the downward slid of Margret's story. Here's a little excerpt of it, please forgive the grammatical errors, I haven't edited very well yet. I hope you enjoy it!

“I told you before, father, I do not wish to go on another peace treaty trip to Cordon. Send one of your lords this time!” Richard cried, throwing his hands up in exasperation. 
“But Richard…” 
“No.” He yelled and I am sure, as un-lady like as it is, that my mouth hung open. No one interrupted the king, not even his own son. “I will no longer stand for being sent around like a page, I am your son!” 
The king rose slowly from the throne and went down the three steps to the floor so he stood eye level with Richard, “You are not being treated like a page; you are in the honored position of ambassador. If you do not wish to continue on in that place, I will not make you keep serving as it.” 
“Thank you.” Richard sighed, his voice still carrying anger.
“Tell me, what would you like to do?” The king asked, his patent eyes searching his sons with a worn look.
Richard tilted his head back and gave an exasperated sigh. “You know what it is that I want to do, you only need say that I can.” 
The king closed his eyes for a moment and I saw his lips moving. He was praying. I noticed he did that more for Richard then John. 
“Richard, you are not ready to fight. I have told you that before.” 
“I am twenty-two!” He cried “Most men are fighting by sixteen. Why are you holding me back?” 
“Let me ask you a question first;” the king sighed “why do you want to fight?” 
“So that I would actually be doing something for the kingdom.” 
“And you think killing random people would help the kingdom?” 
“Not ‘random people’ father, rabbles and thieves. The people who are ruining the country.” 
“I suppose you would whip out the peasants who complained if you could?” 
“Of course, they cause unrest among our people and could start a rebellion.” 
“How did I raise you so wrong, Richard?” I saw a tear lid down the king cheek “How could you be so unfeeling towards your people?”
“They are not my people! They are your people. I have no part in them!” Richard cried.
“Richard, you will someday be king over these people and they are human beings, not to be treated like cattle that you kill off at will.” 
“Why would I care about them? I have no dealings with them, they mean nothing to me! Richard pinched his forehead “John cares more than I do; why don’t you put him in charge and spare me the pain?
“Like it or not, you are the firstborn and will someday rule this kingdom. Perhaps you should try to learn some respect for the people you will one day serve.” The king sighed 

What did you think?


  1. I was intrigued... More, please? :D

    1. Haha, I will do my best! ;D Thank you for reading! =D


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