Monday, March 31, 2014

Interveiw with Mikayla L.

Hey everybody! This post is part of a series I'm starting that's interviews with young bloggers. I hope you enjoy them!

Today I have Mikayla L. from a private blog. =) 

Hello and welcome to The Bubblegum Ballerina, I'm so glad you have you here!

Thanks for having me, Mikayla!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Mikayla L, and I am 14 years old.I love to read and write. My favorite book is the Bible. I like to finish what I start, put on plays, blog, email my friends, hang out with friends, be with my family, go horseback riding, read about horses, look at pictures of horses, have parties, be loud, watch movies, play card games, enjoy each day, drink hot tea curled up on a chair with a good book, and have fun. And I can't seem to stop talking... like ever!

How long have you been Blogging? 

About two years now. My first blog is like my online diary. I write about everything awesome that happens to me =) My second blog is all about baking, and I post my favorite recipes there.

Why did you begin Blogging? 

I started my blog after my family took an awesome trip to Branson, Missouri, and I wanted to write it down so that I would never forget it. Then I started a new blog and turned my old one into a baking blog.

How did you choose your blog title? 

My personal blog is titled ' Moments with Mikayla' because I post about all the fun moments in my life. My other blog, ' The Cookin' Cowgirl'  was named after the fact that I am just that – a cookin' cowgirl!

Whats your favorite blog?

Hmm... I have so many favorite blogs! Some of them are The Bubblegum Ballerina, Future Homeschool Authors, Homeschool Authors, and Bits 'n' Spurs.

What are some of your hobbies? 

Writing and horseback riding. And does shopping count as a hobbie?

What three words describe you best? 

I had to ask my mom about this one ;) So she said she thinks I am intelligent, caring, and extroverted.

Whats your favorite book? 

Ember Flame by Kaycee Browning.

Whats your favorite movie? 

Disney Frozen

Whats your favorite TV series? 

Robin Hood by BBC

What is your favorite color? 

Light blue.

Whats your favorite animal?


Whats your favorite word?

Catastrophe. Pretty much because it is the longest word I know how to spell.

Which do you prefer, email or phones? 

I can't pick! As long as I am in touch with a friend, both are awesome.

Do you have a Pintrest account?

No. Maybe someday I will get one, though.

If you could meet one person who would you meet? 


Who is your favorite fictional character? 

Ember from Ember Flame. She has a big mouth and knows how to use it.

Thanks for giving up your time so we could get to know you!

Thanks again for having me!



  1. I enjoyed reading this very much. Two Mikaylas; how fun! =D


    1. I'm glad you liked it, Mikayla L and I have been friends for years and I was very happy to introduce her to my readers! =)


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