Monday, March 10, 2014

Danger in the Distance

Hello everyone. As most of you probably know i just finished editing Danger in the Distance so I thought I'd introduce you to the characters. 
Just so you know all photos used in this post are from Pintrest. I clam no copyright. 

When the story starts out, in September of 1940. During the Second world war Karen, the main character is 14. Amelie (A french form of Amelia) her best freind, is 13. And Elliot is somewhere around 16. 

Karen at her home in Englad.
This is Karen at her Home in London. I'll get a frount shot in a moment.
Young Amile
And Elliot. 

And here is them all at the end of the story. When there 18 (Amelie) 19 (Karen) and 22 (Elliot) 

A Perfect picture of Karen

This is Ameile!!!



So there you go! What do you think? Do you like photos of my book characters?

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